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Published at 28th of December 2019 04:40:10 PM
Chapter 826

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Speaking with admiration: "This child really does resemble his father, but he is much more handsome than his father . "

When Feng Jiu heard this, she couldn't help but smile: " Yes, that's true . Uncle's big beard is too intimidating . "

The little child next to them was listening to their conversation, and although his expression became taut, he remained quiet .  

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"Sit down!"

The Headmaster gestured for them to sit down and said: "Actually, I had asked you here because I wanted to let you know that next year there will be a competition between the academies . All the academies from sixth grade countries to second grade countries will participate . The competition will be held in second grade countries and each academy has a quota of ten participants . I intend to only send you to represent our academy . What do you think?"

She didn't reply immediately, but asked with a smile instead: "What advantages are there in winning? If there's no benefit, I won't go . If I go to the competition I won't have time to refine pills to sell and make money . "

The Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster looked at each other dumbfounded, then shook their heads and smiled: "Of course there are benefits . "

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The Headmaster said: "I'm not sure if I have mentioned before, here in Green Gallop Country, Nebula Academy is actually part of a branch of academies . There is a Nebula Academy branch in every country . Within the first grade academies, our academy is classified as the headquarters . "

He paused, then continued: "However, only those with the highest level of strength are able to enter the first grade country Nebula Academy . The Nebula Academy in the first grade country is classed as a one star academy . But we are only classed as a six star academy here . "

He smiled when he got to this part: "If any of you are able to achieve outstanding results in the inter-academy competition, then you will be able to attend the academy in the first grade country . Our academy is incomparable to the size of an academy in a first grade country . Moreover, gathered within are the proud students of heaven from each country . The students who graduate from the academy go on to have extraordinary achievements in the world in every field . "

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"But the place that all the students from one star academies really want to enter is Nebula Sect . It is a sect in the Eight Great Empires . They have a long history and are extremely powerful . Their disciples are all over the world . There are Nascent Soul cultivators and above within Nebula Sect . That place is the cradle of the Proud Students of Heaven . "

He looked questioningly at Feng Jiu and asked: "I want you to go . Others don't know this, but I believe that if you do go, you will definitely enter a one star academy and have the opportunity to enter Nebula Sect in the future . "

Feng Jiu's eyes moved, this was the first time she had heard the Headmaster mention this, Nebula Sect? Within the Eight Great Empires?

When she thought about this, she started planning . She was currently a peak Foundation Stage cultivator . However, with the power of the ancient phoenix beast, combined with her mastery of martial arts and assassination warfare, she could kill a Nascent Soul cultivator, but it was not foolproof . Not unless she entered the Golden Core stage soon .  

Once her strength increases, no matter where she goes, she could be sure of her powers .

"Okay, I agree to this . " She nodded . After all, she had intended to go to the Eight Great Empires in the future . With this building a bridge for her, she wouldn't go there like a headless fly .

The Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster nodded their head in relief, they knew that she would agree to it . After all, she was not an ordinary person, and she would not stay in Green Gallop Country, in this six star academy .  

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