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Chapter 822

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The figure that was outside the door belonged to a little boy about three or four years old . He was dressed in well-fitted black robes and wore shoes of the same colour . There was even a jade tassel hung from his waistband . At this moment, the child was holding his hands up like an adult . He seemed to be annoyed at being blocked and stood there with a frown on his face .

But what made Feng Jiu stare with her eyes wide open without blinking was that this little boy's facial features were exquisite, he was a miniature version of Xuanyuan Moze . The breath on the boy was especially similar . However, as he was only a boy or three or four years old, his strength was not strong .  

Upon seeing this child, many thoughts ran through her mind . Was he his younger brother? That's not possible? Even a younger brother wouldn't be this similar .

Such a similar face, even the expression he had when he frowned was the same . They were obviously father and son!

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Illegitimate child!

Was this child Xuanyuan Moze's illegitimate child? When she settled on this thought, it upset her .  

When Feng Jiu appeared, the young boy had also noticed her . His pair of eyes stared at her with an inexplicable light in them, then he looked away as if he were embarrassed .

"Ah, Young Master Jiu!"

Gray Wolf who was stood behind the little boy shouted happily when he saw her, and he said to the gatekeeper: "Quick, move out of the way . I am looking for her, that's who I'm looking for . "

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Seeing this, the gatekeeper moved to one side, but he couldn't help and kept looking at them .

Feng Jiu had already seen Gray Wolf . It was just that when she noticed the little boy's resemblance to Xuanyuan Moze, she was unhappy . Don't be telling her that they are brothers . Even brothers could not look this similar .

"Young Master Jiu, it's been a year since I last saw you . I've really missed you . "

Gray Wolf came face to face with her in excitement . However, as soon as he said those words, he felt two pairs of chillingly cold eyes staring into his back . He stiffened and smiled: "Actually my Master misses you too . "

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"Come with me . " She motioned for him to step back with her .  

"Yes . " Gray Wolf replied and glanced back at the child before he walked to one side with her . He said with a smile: "Young Master Jiu, actually, I have come to… . . "

Before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted .

"Is he your master's illegitimate child?" She glanced at the little boy . The more she looked at the little boy, the more she felt that he was a carbon copy of Xuanyuan Moze .

"What, what?" Gray Wolf's eyes widened in surprise: "Master's illegitimate child? How is that possible?" How could she even think that?

Over at the other side, the little boy had been listening to their conversation . When he heard her question, his skin on his face became taut and the corners of his lips twitched .

Feng Jiu wrapped her arms across her chest and retorted coldly: "Isn't he? Don't tell me he's your Master's younger brother . Your Master is nearly thirty years old, so it's not impossible for him to have an illegitimate child . Isn't that right?"

As he listened to her strange logic, Gray Wolf smiled: "Well, Young Master Jiu, he really isn't my Master's illegitimate child . My Master is still a vir… . . "

He stopped talking and stopped himself just in time before he said the word virgin and changed it to: "an innocent young man . He's only ever liked you . His feelings for you is known from heaven to earth and reflected in the moon . "

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