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Published at 25th of December 2019 04:15:08 PM
Chapter 821

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As she was going out, she had gone back into her cave dwelling and changed into her red robes . However, before she had even left the Alchemy Peak, she was stopped by Ouyang Xiu .  

"Feng Jiu, fight with me!"

Ouyang Xiu had come prepared with a sword and stared at her sharply . Because he had refused to fight with him, his obsession festered and grew deeper and deeper . The more he refused to fight with him, the stronger the fighting spirit within him craved to fight .

"You again?"

Feng Jiu stared helplessly at the man obstructing her path . He was really stubborn . Why did he insist on fighting with her? Didn't he know that it was ungentlemanly for a man to fight against a woman?

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Er, okay, at least this person didn't know that she was a woman . Besides, it wasn't impossible for him to fight against her with his strength and power .  

Ouyang Xiu stared at the youth sat on the white horse and said: "Initially, I had only wanted to fight against you on a whim . However, the more you refuse to fight against me, the more I want to fight against you . If you don't want me to keep bothering you, then fight with me! It's just the two of us here, so don't worry, even if you lose, I won't spread the news . "

"Pffft . "

When she heard this, Feng Jiu couldn't help but laugh as she found this person really strange . A foundation cultivator was telling her that it was fine even if she lost to him, it was not embarrassing? He wouldn't spread the news?

At this moment, she couldn't help but wonder, if this guy had known that she had killed Nascent Soul cultivators, would he still be this cocky and say such ridiculous things?

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However, this person was not malicious, he was just fond of fighting .  

"You really want to fight against me?" She raised her eyebrows as she looked at him .

"That's right . "

"But I don't like to fight with people for no reason . " She looked at his disappointed face, then smiled jokingly: "It is possible to fight with you, but are you willing to place a wager with me?"

"If you lose, I will be your Master in the future . If I lose, I will be your errand boy . How about it?" She said with interest . Ouyang Xiu was quite a good looking man, and his talent was not bad . If he became her disciple, that would be pretty good for her .

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Upon hearing those words, Ouyang Xiu smiled: "I accept! However, I must warn you, I have already entered the Foundation stage . "

"Uh huh . I know that . That's fine as long as you've accepted the wager . " She nodded her head and smiled slyly like a fox . In the next instant, she made her move .

When Ouyang Xiu saw this, he had gathered up the strength from within his body and was about to block the blow when his body went stiff . His eyes widened as he stared with disbelief… . .

"Good disciple, call me Master . " Feng Jiu said with a smile . She stood behind him, her hands clasped around his throat .

"You… . . "

His face turned green and red . He hadn't expected to not even block her moves once . He looked at the youth who stood by his side, smiling at him, and he clenched his teeth as he accepted that he had lost the wager .  

"Master . "

"Mm, good disciple . " Feng Jiu's eyes narrowed as she smiled . She looked at the person, who looked away in shame as she moved away and came to the side door of the academy .  

"What's the matter?" She asked the gatekeeper when she saw that they had gathered around at the front . She led Old White over to take a look .  

What she saw made her open her eyes wide with surprise… . . .

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