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Published at 23rd of December 2019 02:00:05 AM
Chapter 814: 814

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"Huang Alchemy Master, this is my elixir that I have refined . " She stood in front of him with a smile on her lips . However, if you looked closely, there was not a hint of a smile in her eyes, but instead a cold indifference .  

"I know that you have refined this elixir, but I want to take it back to study it . By the way, what type of elixir is this? Where did you get the elixir formula? Write down the formula and the steps to refine the elixir and give it to me . "

When she heard the nonchalance tone in his voice, she laughed softly and said: "You've snatched my elixir from me, and you have the cheek to ask me for the formula? Huang Alchemy Master, you shouldn't be called Huang, you should be called cow . "

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"What do you mean by that! Me taking your elixir back to study it is a compliment to you . Don't be cocky just because you've refined a fifth-order elixir . You're just a new student in the Alchemy Division . " His expression darkened as dissatisfaction showed on his face . However, he still held on to the elixir tightly in his palm, looking like he had no intention of returning it .  

"Of course, you have a thick skin, just like a cow . " Feng Jiu pursed her lips: "Besides, I don't know you very well . Give my elixir back to me . " She held out her hand, thinking that he would return it to her .  

She thought, even if other people picked up elixirs to evaluate its quality, they would use something to pick it up . She was the alchemist, so it was fine that she held the elixir with her hands . However, this person had just grabbed the elixir and held it tightly in his palm . Who knew whether his hands were clean or not? Who would want to eat the elixir after it was handled by this man?

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Her expression turned gloomy when she realised this . It had taken her so much effort to refine this elixir and now it was dirtied by this man . He'd even openly snatched it from her . This was an interesting situation .  

"What? Didn't you hear me say that I want to take it back to study it? Can you not understand what I'm saying? I am an Alchemy Master, am I not even allowed to take an elixir of yours? What impudicity . Who taught you alchemy? Is it those two alchemy teachers who have been in the same position for dozens of years? The student reflects the teachers' attitudes!"

After he had scolded her, he waved his sleeves and tried to walk past Feng Jiu .

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The Headmaster and everyone else who had rushed there heard what he said, their expressions showed disgust, especially Guan Xilin . As an elder brother, he had witnessed his younger sister being bullied and robbed in bright daylight, he couldn't help but screwed up his fists as he wanted to rush forwards to teach him a lesson .

However, he was already past the impulsive stage of his life . He had learnt to think twice before acting . With him were the two alchemy teachers, the Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster, and the students who had rushed over when they heard the sounds of thunder . Under such circumstances, he really should not beat the guy up .

However, if the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster were to not handle this matter well, he wouldn't mind teaching this Huang Alchemy Master a lesson after this was over!

At this point, the two alchemy teachers' faces had paled and embarrassment shown in their expressions, coupled with anger and shame . To be thought of this way by someone they had deeply respected caused them great sadness .

When the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster saw the coldness in Feng Jiu's eyes, they shouted out immediately: "What's all this! How can you an Alchemy Master steal an alchemy student's elixir? Return it this instant!"

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