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Chapter 806: 806

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When Feng Jiu sized the woman up, she also looked at Feng Jiu with the same measuring glances . She liked wearing red gowns and had seen a lot of people wearing red . However, there were not many people who could wear this kind of colour . The young man in front of her seemed to be one who could .

This young man's excellent looks and demonic charm, however, also bring an innate noble aura . There was some indolence and grace in his unaffected attitude and bearing . She couldn't help that when she first saw this young man, she felt . . . very sleepy .  

She felt an impulse to keep this man with her .

"Wanyan Qianhua . What about you?"

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When the devilry cultivator who stood waiting on the side was surprised to hear the woman say her true name . With a slight surprise on his face, he looked at the red-robed youth with interest then quietly stood aside .

"My name is Feng Jiu . "

She smiled brightly . Then she walked up, pulled up a chair and sat down . "I thought the Master of the Centenarian Mountain would be a rotten old man, I didn't expect that it's a beautiful and stirring woman like you . This sight of a beautiful big sister soothed my anger . "

"Hahaha . . . Your little mouth's dripping with honey . Calling me big sister, making my heart burst with joy . " She covered her red lips lightly and chuckled softly . Pointing her delicate fingers at Feng Jiu with coquettish glances, as if annoyed yet full of smiles, stirring every heart .

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"I seldom call someone my big sister . You are the first . Who made you so much to my liking!"

"Sigh, the more I look at you, the more you look so pleasing to my eyes . It's been a long time since I met someone as interesting as you . " She looked at Feng Jiu with a smile in her beautiful eyes . Not only looks and temperament, but also courage . It's the most important to my taste . "

Xiang Hua, Du Fan, as well as that devilry cultivator saw with surprise that they acted familiar with each other, chatting in a cheerful and lively manner . The men couldn't help but look at each other in dismay, both confused and at loss .

What's wrong with this picture? These two should have been the first time to meet, right? Why was this scene like long-lost sisters who met each other again?

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They stood by watching the two chatted as if there were nobody else present . Sometimes those two chuckled and the scene was very harmonious . But it was just the two of them .

The three people standing on the side thought that scene was extremely strange because the two people had some odd temper . However, those two weird characters clicked together once they encountered each other .

"Oh? So, Big Sister asked me to come here, knowing that I have the Qingfeng sword?" Feng Jiu lifted her eyebrows and glanced at Xiang Hua . It seemed that he must have divulged it to those people . Otherwise, how could they know?

"Correct . The Qingfeng sword was originally the ancient divine sword . It's said that it's very efficient to slay ghosts . I don't know if it's true . " She asked with great interest .

"Mm, it's true . " Feng Jiu nodded . While speaking, she took out the sword and put it on the table in front of her . "Big Sister, do you want to try it?"

Seeing this scene, Xianghua and Dufan suddenly felt anxious . Their eyes narrowed . How could she pass the Qingfeng sword to her like this? Wasn't she afraid that that woman would take possession of the sword?

The devilry cultivator also saw this and glanced at Feng Jiu oddly .

The reclining Wanyan Qianhua saw this and couldn't help chuckling . She took the Qingfeng sword out from its seven-star sword sheath and held it open slightly . A green light shot out .

She looked playfully at Feng Jiu . "Are you not afraid that I won't return it to you?"

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