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Published at 19th of December 2019 04:00:04 AM
Chapter 805: 805

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They followed that devilry cultivator and walked in .  Along the way, they met many wandering ghosts . Maybe due to the devilry cultivator leading the way, the ghosts didn't dare to approach . However, many pairs of eyes were watching the three of them .

As they walked along, a cluster of moss green will-o'-the-wisps started glowing on both sides of the previously dark and dim road and lighting up the winding path . In the midst of the dense fog, they saw something that looked like a mansion in front of them .

Even though the mansion seemed to be right before their eyes, after a long walk, they still couldn't get closer .

Following close behind Feng Jiu, Xiang Hua swept his gaze over the floating ghosts . He was struck by their familiar faces . When he took a careful look, he saw that each of the ghosts had on a white robe and their hair was scattered loose on their shoulders . Some wore blood-stained robes . They were drifting in the air as if they did not know where they were going…

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He noticed that the ghosts here seemed unable to walk out of the mountain and could only float on top of the mountain .

The devilry cultivator in front stopped walking and pushed the mansion's gate open . With a dull and emotionless voice, the devilry cultivator told them, "My Master has prepared a feast to welcome you, please . "

Feng Jiu raised her eyes and saw that there were only two words written on the mansion: Gui Residence .

She thought inwardly, this mansion should have been called the Ghost Residence instead!

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There were two stone lions at the gate . Two red lanterns, hung on both sides of the gate, were swaying gently in the night wind . The mahogany door was open . Inside, the lighting was gloom and dim, but still visible .

Walking in, thew saw devilry cultivators instead of ghosts . Each devilry cultivators defended the mansion like a guard . There were men and women . The women were like maids in an ordinary family . They walked back and forth with things in their hands, looking very busy .

With the devilry cultivator leading at the front, they walked all the way to the back until they arrived at a bamboo forest . There, a banquet was held, decorated with the forest's will-o'-the-wisp . They were floating like magnified fireflies .

At the long tables arranged side-by-side, Bai Xiao lying unconscious on the chair . A seductive woman in sexy red clothes was sitting on the Master seat .

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Her skimpy clothes could not cover her buxom figure . The cloth on her body barely covered her chest and buttocks . Even if there were fine gauze concealing other parts of her body, she was almost naked .

Her long legs were crossed . Those snow-white and slender legs leaned on another chair . Her body reclined on the chair lazily, while her fingers, dyed in black polish, fiddled with the hair dangling on her cheek .

She was as beautiful and alluring as a demon . She had a smoky make-up on her face, the kind that not many women could wear . The makeup made her look more lovely and enchanting . She looked about twenty-five years old and her figure was curvaceous and mature . Her complexion was very fair, especially set off against the red fabric, she looked as flawless as white jade . Her whole body exuded an alluring and dangerous aura .

This is an enchanting beauty . She had both enchanting charm and bewitching beauty combined as well as the smell of danger . It made Feng Jiu watch her with admiration and appreciation .

Even knowing what's going on, that the two were enemies, 

However, when she saw this woman, she actually couldn't dislike her .

It's because this woman was too beautiful . So beautiful that it's pleasing to the eyes and making their hearts bloom .

She couldn't help smiling and inquired, "Big Sister, what's your name?"

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