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Published at 19th of December 2019 04:00:07 AM
Chapter 803

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"Missing? What do you mean? " Her gaze turned thoughtful and her voice was a bit cold .

"At noon, he said he would go out to buy something and then come back, but nobody's seen him until now . I've been searching everywhere and he's still not been found . I asked around and got no news . "

Du Fan spoke with a slight frown . "I also asked at the gate . But, the gatekeeper told me that there were too many people going in and out of this place and had no impression of him . "

Feng Jiu walked out and went downstairs . When she reached the outer part of the inn, she looked at the sky to gauge the time of day and her eyes jolted .

"Young Master, do you think he was caught by the Centenarian Mountain's people?" Xiang Hua asked .

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She looked at him and asked, "Who else besides them?" They had been here for only a few days and hadn't made enemies with anyone . What's more, Little Bai was the guy they caught . Who else could do this besides the Centenarian Mountain's people?

"It seems they were afraid that I wouldn't go, so they caught Little White . What's their purpose to insist on me going there?" That day, when she and Little White entered the array, the black-robed man asked them to leave . But today, when she didn't go, they came to their door instead?

"It's getting dark now, Master . Shall we go?" Du Fan asked, his gaze fell on her .

"We're going, how can we not go? Since they even used kidnapping to coerce me into going, will they give up if I'm not going? " She said in a slightly chilly voice to the two of them . "You two stay here!"

"Master, we're going with you . " Du Fan asserted .

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"Me too . "

Xiang Hua also spoke out . He looked at her . "There's no reason for Young Master to go yet we're staying here . Besides, I also want to see if they are dead or still alive . "

Seeing this, she shot them a glance . "Let's go!" She took them to the Centenarian Mountain .

When they came to the Centenary Mountain, the sky was completely dark . Up in the mountain, Du Fan lit a fire to illuminate the road . The atmosphere was still eerie . A gust of chilly wind blew in from time to time, making people shiver .

Feng Jiu, walking at the front, didn't look unusual . It's nothing more than a ghost . She hasn't encountered any ghosts, but this place gave her such a weird and dangerous feeling that she didn't want to set foot in it . Unexpectedly, even though she didn't want to come, the people here wanted her to come .

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In that case, she would take a look at what horrible place this is!


A sound drifted in accompanied by the gust of wind like a ghost howling in the ears of those three and echoed faintly . Before the sound died down, a rustling sound was heard from the surrounding trees and underbrush . It was as if someone was walking, but no figure was seen .

"Thud . . . thud . . . thud…"

Some footsteps that didn't belong to them were heard behind . The sounds were chaotic and distinct . Xiang Hua walked to the rear, glared with eyes like a tiger and swept across with his sharp sword .

"Deliberately deceiving people!"


With the fierce attack of the sword, there seemed to be a panic sound . A swishing airflow was heard in the night and the sound of footsteps behind disappeared as if they had never existed .


However, when the footsteps' sound disappeared, there was a strange laugh in the air . The laughter seemed to come from far away and came closer until it stopped near them .

Suddenly, a white ghost floated in front of Feng Jiu . His face was deathly pale and black hair covered half of his face .  A pair of eyes emitting strange and horrifying green light was peering at Feng Jiu . . .

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