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Chapter 802

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"Someone asked me to give this to you . " A seven or eight-year-old child ran in, but before he got near Feng Jiu, he was stopped by Du Fan .

"Let him come . " Feng Jiu motioned him to step aside .

"Someone asked me to give this to you . " The child came in front of Feng Jiu . He handed out something, but his eyes were staring at the pastries on the table and gulping his saliva .

Feng Jiu took the thing and asked the waiter to wrap some pastries . "Who gave you this?"

"It's a man in black . He said to give it to the big brother wearing a red robe . "

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Feng Jiu opened it to have a look . When she saw a card similar to an invitation inside fixed content, her eyes jolted .

"Young Master, the pastries are all packed . " The waiter passed her the pastries .

Feng Jiu took it and gave it to the child . "For you . "

"Thank you . " The child thanked her happily, took the pastries and ran out quickly .

She was holding that red card in one hand while tapping the desk with her other hand . She gazed outside with a pensive look . She clammed up and the three people next to her didn't dare to ask .

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Finally, Bai Xiao couldn't endure and had to ask, "Young Master, what is that?"

"It's an invitation sent by that clan in the Centenarian Mountain . It said that we have a banquet in the evening . " She spoke casually while holding the red card and gently tapping on the table .

The three of them were stunned .

"How did they that know we stay here?" Bai Xiao asked in astonishment . Then he shouted in a low voice . "Could they follow us secretly?"

"Sending us an invitation without any reason? I don't think it's a good thing . " Du Fan remarked .

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"Mm, then tell me . Why did they send this?" Feng Jiu looked at him with raised eyebrows .

Du Fan paused a bit, then answered . "Most likely, it is to keep a close watch on Master . "

Feng Jiu smiled when she heard this answer . Her voice was slow and lazy . "I don't necessarily have to go if they send me an invitation, right? I'm curious . Why are they keeping a watch on me?"

"Young Master, it's better not to go . That place is full of ghosts . If you go there, you may not come out . " Bai Xiao said in a low voice . Thinking of that place, his hair stood on end .

"What are you nervous about . I haven't told you to go, let's throw this invitation away!"

She stood up, turned around and went back to the room . She really didn't want to go . At a glance, she knew it's a ghost place . Who wanted to stroll into such a ghost place? She's afraid she would return bringing ghost aura .

Since she didn't plan to go, she forgot about it . When she came back to the room, she went into the space to cultivate . She didn't take it to heart .

The three men downstairs listened to her and didn't pay any more attention . Only Xiang Hua took the post and wondered whether the twenty or so people were still alive . He had some hesitation in his heart, but he also knew that Feng Jiu didn't say anything and that he couldn't create trouble for her . After all, that Nascent Soul cultivator didn't come out again, let alone her?

Feng Jiu cultivated in the room, Xiang Hua and Du Fan stayed downstairs, while Bai Xiao went out to buy something . However, they didn't see him back until the evening . They didn't think it's right . One stayed behind while the other person went out to search for him . But after a round of searching, he was still not found . Finally, they knocked on Feng Jiu's door .

Feng Jiu opened the door, looking like she was just waking up, very indolent . She saw the two faces in front of the door had a trace of gravity and couldn't help lifting her eyebrows . "What's the matter?"

"Young Master, Bai Xiao is missing . " Du Fan informed her .

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