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Published at 16th of December 2019 10:20:09 AM
Chapter 795

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Seeing that she had stopped, Bai Xiao looked to his left and then right and asked: "What's the matter? Why have you stopped walking?"

"There is a formation . " She glanced around and her eyes landed on the road in front of her: "There is a formation from this point onwards . It is not just any maze formation . "

Her eyes were focused straight ahead as a thought came to her: "Is this family clan really a small one?"

Bai Xiao saw that she was deep in thought so he hadn't interrupted and looked about their surroundings instead . He wasn't sure if it was an illusion, but he thought he saw someone looking at them from afar . When he looked again, the person had disappeared .  

"Am I seeing things?" He murmured as he rubbed his eyes .

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"Seeing things?" Feng Jiu asked .

"I thought I saw someone . " He replied .

"A person? Not possible . Besides the two of us, there is not another person's breath nearby . " She continued: "There is fog here, maybe you didn't see clearly . Follow me closely and don't get lost in the formation . The maze formation changes . "

"Okay, I understand . " He replied and followed closely .

Because Feng Jiu was familiar with formations, they didn't have any problems when she brought Bai Xiao into the formation with her . However, just as they were about to continue walking forwards, a voice sounded out near them .  

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"This is not a place the both of you should have come into . "

Feng Jiu looked back startled and saw a figure looming on the left . The man was wrapped up in his black robe, his eyes were like stagnant water, and made one shiver looking at them .

"You, are you a human or a ghost?" Bai Xiao was startled and asked in a quivering voice .  

The man's gaze swept past Bai Xiao and landed on Feng Jiu, and he replied: "Go back . This is not a place you should come to . "

His voice was light and floaty, like it was emitting from everywhere . If they hadn't seen him standing there, they would have wondered where the voice was coming from .

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Feng Jiu came out of her reverie and extended her hand to the man: "Senior, we have not come here harbouring ill intentions . We have come to warn you and give you a message . "

The man looked at Feng Jiu quietly and said: "Speak . "

"I wonder if Senior has heard of Tianyuan Palace?" She asked .

"Yes . " The man in black robes nodded but said nothing more .  

Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu proceeded to tell him about how the faction of Tianyuan Palace had intended to take over Centenarian Mountain . Finally, she added: "Because they have a Nascent Soul cultivator among their ranks and several Golden Core cultivators, when I learnt of the news, I came to inform you . If your forces are not strong enough to deal with them, you can retreat . "

"Thank you, you can leave now . " After he spoke, the man in black robes hadn't left, but he stood there and stared at the both of them .

"Farewell . " Feng Jiu bowed and dragged Bai Xiao away with her .  

The man in black robes watched as walked into the formation . When their figures disappeared from his view, he finally turned and walked away .  

Feng Jiu who had left with Bai Xiao felt uneasy . She hadn't thought much of it before she came here . But after she met with the man in black robes, she realised that this family clan was not just an ordinary family, nor a small family at all .  

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