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Published at 9th of December 2019 08:20:04 AM
Chapter 789: 789

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"Then what do you mean?" He rubbed his head where he had been hit and frowned .

Feng Jiu sighed: "I really do wonder, you've left your family for some time now, how have you survived this long . " Seeing that he was so dense, she had to make herself clear .

"I mean, will you be loyal to me,and you will never betray me . Will you or will you not?"

He thought about what he said: "Well, that's okay . It means that you are my master and I surrender myself to you and you will protect me and my family . Your strength seems to be quite great, so you should be able to protect my family . It's a deal . "

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Feng Jiu stared at him . She had to take back her words . He was not stupid, he even managed to include his family under her protection .  

"You better practise being a Beastmaster or I will be on the losing end . " As they chatted, they heard Xiang Hua rouse from the bed and went to check on him . His hands moved and soon he opened his eyes .

"You're awake . " Feng Jiu stood by his bedside and watched as he turned and sat up . She looked at Xiang Hua in anticipation and asked: "How are you feeling?"

"The spirit energy in my body is rich and strong, it's the Golden Core peak level energy . " He stared at Feng Jiu in shock: "You, you really restored my damaged Golden Core and even helped me advance to peak level . "

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"What do mean by you, you, you, from today onwards you will have to call him Master . " Bai Xiao said .

"You can call me Master Jiu . " Feng Jiu smiled as her eyes narrowed .

Xiang Hua had immediately knelt on one knee and bowed: "Your subordinate pays his respects and thanks Master for your great kindness . " The restoration of Golden Core was a great kindness, hence he had no qualms about calling her his master .

"You may get up . " She motioned with her hand and then took out the Qingfeng sword: "Xiang Hua, do you recognise this?"

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Xiang Hua looked at the seven star magnificent sword . When the sword was lifted, green light shone out, and he stared at the words that appeared on the sword .

"Qingfeng sword . "

"That's right, it's the Qingfeng sword . Besides the fact that you were the first generation of protectors of Tianyuan Palace and are familiar with its laws, you also followed my teacher Chu Batian many years ago . That is why I wanted your help . "

"Master's teacher was Palace Master?" His eyes were wide open with shock as he couldn't believe that the young man in front of him was the disciple of the Palace Master . He asked immediately: "Where is Palace Master now?"

"Tianyuan Palace has fallen to ruins decades ago and he had already passed away decades ago . I was fated to have met him and he thus became my teacher . I am following his last wishes, I have found the Qingfeng sword and will rebuild Tianyuan Palace . "

At this moment, she wasn't full of smiles and carefree as per usual, but was cold and straightforward: "That's why I need your help, I want to rebuild Tianyuan Palace that had fallen to ruins decades ago . "

His eyes were red with emotion when he heard these words: "Back then when I followed the Palace Master and became the Protector of Law, I was only just over twenty years of age and only a Great Spirit Master . I can't believe that after so many years later I would be able to see the Qingfeng sword again and hear the words, rebuild Tianyuan Palace . "

"Master, I Xiang Hua hereby take and oath to follow Master loyally and help you restore Tianyuan Palace . " 

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