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Published at 9th of December 2019 08:20:10 AM
Chapter 785

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"Well, you're Golden Core was probably damaged from a blow to your core by someone . It's a good thing that it wasn't completely damaged, that's why it can be repaired . "


To a cultivator, once the Golden Core was damaged, it was damaged for life . Was this young boy ignorant or did he actually have the capabilities? Did he not understand what a damaged Golden Core meant?

"I have never heard that a damaged Golden Core can be repaired . Why should I believe you?" At this point, Xiang Hua's feet hadn't moved . His whole body was tense, his hands were tightly clenched up under his sleeves, restraining his excitement .  

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On the side, Du Fan stared at the young boy in shock . He could tell that the young boy was not joking, he seemed to be confident he had the ability to repair the damaged Golden Core .  


Feng Jiu laughed and glanced at him: "Two days, I don't believe that you don't want to try it . " After she said that, she turned around and went into the tree house .

Bai Xiao followed hurriedly as he ran these thoughts through his head . He had never heard of repairing a damaged Golden Core, but could Feng Jiu really do it?

As he looked at the young man walking away, Xiang Hua followed with almost no hesitation . Whether it worked or not, he had wanted to try it anyway . After all, no one wanted to spend his whole life doing nothing in here .  

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As the group of men watched them walk away, they discussed in low voices: "Can a damaged Golden Core really be repaired? How come I have never heard of such a thing?"

"That's right, wonder if it's true or false . "

"Whether it's true or not, I am just really curious as to whether this young man knows medicine . "

"Nonsense, if he didn't know medicine why would he be talking about repairing a damaged Golden Core?" As soon as this was said, everyone was quiet, like they had suddenly thought of something, they all froze .

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That's right, he seems to know something about medicine . That meant that he must have known about the roast meat being poisoned last night . So why hadn't he said anything? Did he know or did he not know?

Du Fan who had followed them realised that the young boy must have known about the poisoned meat last night and was testing him .

He wondered what would have happened if he had not taken away the poisoned meat and let the young boy eat it .  

After about two hours, they finally reached the tree house . Feng Jiu turned around and looked at everyone, and finally, her gaze landed on Du Fan: "Du Fan, set up an enchantment around here . Watch your men . Without my order, no one is to enter . "

Du Fan replied: "Yes . " Then turned around and set up the enchantment circle to prevent anyone from entering after he had told everyone to move back .  

Inside, Bai Xiao asked: "What about me, what can I do to help?"

"Just stand at the side . " Feng Jiu motioned, then said to Xiang Hua: "Sit down and stretch out your hand . "

Xiang Hua glanced at him before he sat down at the table and placed his wrists on the table . He watched the young man take his pulse then wrote something down on a piece of paper . Finally, he took out multiple medicinal herbs from space and started mixing the medicine at the table .  

As he watched the boy's skillful movements, his eyes widened and he had wanted to say something a few times, but he stopped himself .

After two hours, she had finished preparing the medicine and passed the bottle of medicine to him: "Drink it . "

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