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Chapter 778: 778

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"You want to get these two youngsters to meet the boss? They look like weak chickens . Da Shan, why did you bring anyone to this place? "

The burly man, who just spoke, stood up and his eyes roved over Feng Jiu and Bai Xiao . His eyes flitted with interest from Bai Xiao then to the red-garbed and dazzling Feng Jiu .

"Youngster, so you're the flower thief . With this kind of body, you're taking others? Or are you taken by others? Hahahahaha . . . "

Hearing this, all the people around laughed loudly and their gazes fell on Feng Jiu's body .

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"You, you guys shouldn't bully people too much!" Bai Xiao yelled in anger and glared at them with his fists clenched . But then he shrank cowardly beside Feng Jiu .

"So what if we're bullying you? Don't you know that all the newcomers have to be bullied? " The big man looked sideways at the two men and suddenly reached out his hand to lift Feng Jiu's chin . "Don't tell me about picking flowers . You see, even this face is more beautiful than the ladies . . . Hiss, ah! "

Before he finished teasing her, he suddenly gasped and screamed loudly . All the people around him stood up in succession .

They saw Feng Jiu was playing with the dagger in her hand . With slow and deliberate motion, she wiped the blood off the dagger . She stepped on a finger dripping with blood at her feet .

"If you talk, just talk . Don't point your dirty fingers at me . Look, you've lost your finger by a mistake . " She said casually with her eyebrows raised slightly, looking at the burly man .

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"Youngster, you're looking for death!"

The big man shouted angrily . He endured the pain of his sliced off finger and clenched his other fist to attack Feng Jiu . His speed was so fierce, carrying the sound of the wind whirling . He had formidable strength .

Feng Jiu pushed Bai Xiao back, lifted her foot and kicked out . Her red figure flashed, leaving only a flit of cold light seen . The robust man fell to the ground in an instant .

Blood was seeping out of his neck and his body twitched on the ground . His eyes fixed on Feng Jiu . He wanted to talk, but nothing came out from his mouth . At last, he couldn't breathe and his body turned stiff and completely dead .

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Seeing that the young man attacked and killed a robust man at the Great Spirit Master level, those who wanted to go forward were hesitant . Their eyes were staring at her with vigilance .

All the people around who were laughing at her also calmed down and their eyes were fixed on him . Those gazes were filled with both astonishment and understanding .

Those big men who came with Feng Jiu were stunned . They came back to their senses after a long time . They recoiled and put some distance between them and Feng Jiu .

"Don't be afraid . I won't attack as long others don't attack me first . "

She wiped the dagger with an innocuous smile . "I truly don't like killing people, but sometimes no one listens to me . I can only hit directly . No offence . "

There was silence around . No one responded to her . They just stared at the young man in red as if they were watching a monster . They were all evil people and they had killed a lot of people .

At that moment, they knew very well that the horror of a man who took another's life with a smile was far greater than that of any of them present .

When the crowd was silent and the atmosphere in the air became solemn and oppressive, the wooden door in the treehouse creaked open .

Hearing the sound of the wooden door opening, Feng Jiu raised her eyes and looked at the treehouse . When she saw the figure walked out, surprise flashed in her eyes .

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