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Published at 30th of November 2019 11:00:08 AM
Chapter 762

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Feng Jiu visited the injured teachers with the Deputy Headmaster accompanying her . She thanked them for risking their lives to save her . However, as she was about to leave, she saw Teacher Lu holding Teacher Lü as they walked over towards her .  

"Feng Jiu . " Teacher Lu said with embarrassment in his voice .

"Teacher Lu, are you better now?" She smiled at him . Seeing that he seemed to look quite well, he must be recovering well .

"I'm much better . When I heard that you were coming over, I asked Old Lü to help me out so that I can come and thank you . I scolded you the other day and yet you still saved me . I'm really… . . " He seemed a little agitated and ashamed at the same time .

"You were only ill-tempered because you were not well . That's understandable . "

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"No matter what, I still would like to thank you . I heard that you were injured but I have been unable to come to visit you, I'm so sorry about that . "

"It's just a small injury, I'm nearly healed . " She smiled and told him he needed to look after himself . They chatted for a while more before she left with the Deputy Headmaster .

When they got outside, she said goodbye to the Deputy Headmaster before she left .  

She felt indebted to the teachers from the academy, she had to repay this debt in the future . She thought about the people from the Black Market . There were just the three of them, so she could send the three bottles of medicinal pills .  

She would not be able to produce dozens of bottles of medicinal pills all at once . But she was able to give three bottles of medicinal pills to the people at the Black Market .  

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Once she got back to her cave dwelling, she pulled out three bottles of medicinal pills from space .

In the evening, Guan Xilin had come to visit her and brought a basket of fruit with him .

"Little Jiu, Little Jiu, look what I have brought for you . " He smiled and placed the basket on the stone table . He threw the three beasts a piece of fruit each as he shouted into the cave dwelling .  

Feng Jiu walked out and smiled: "Elder brother, I was just thinking I would send Old White to look for you, and here you are!"

"Oh? Why are you looking for me?" He looked at her questioningly and threw her a piece of fruit at the same time: " It's been washed, you can eat it!"

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Feng Jiu caught it and asked: " Where did you get it from? There's nothing like that in the academy . "

"I used my connections to have them brought back . " He smiled and sat down at the table .

"Well, the Black Market Chief and his comrades helped me out the other day, so I want to repay them . I have a present for them and would like you to help me take it to them . "

"No problem . But you will have to give me the Headmaster's token otherwise I can't leave the academy . " Then he asked: "What do you want to give them?"

Feng Jiu smiled: " It's a present, so of course it is something that they need most . "

She took out three bottles of medicinal pills and medicine to treat internal injuries and gave him some instructions, gave him the Headmaster's token, and told him to take them in the morning .

Guan Xilin took note of her instructions and kept the items, had a chat with her and then left .

The next morning, he left the academy using the token and headed into the city to the Black Market .

The people in the Black Market had been secretly discussing how strange it was that when the Black Market Chief, the Elder and the Golden Core cultivator had come back injured, the Ghost Doctor had not sent anyone to come and extend her gratitude . They were secretly glad they had not followed them to help and gloated about it .  

"It's a good thing I didn't go that day . Look at Chief and Elder Gong . After a few days of recuperation, they still look so pale . I saw Elder Gong gripping his chest while coughing this morning!"

"Elder Gong is a Nascent Soul second rank cultivator and even he suffered such serious injuries . Saving people is a thankless task . "

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