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Published at 30th of November 2019 11:00:09 AM
Chapter 761

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Seeing that they had left, Feng Jiu stood up and spoke to the two beasts: "I am going to check on the injured teachers . You two stay here and don't go anywhere . "

She took out three medicinal pills and threw the two beasts one each, then gave the third pill to Little Black who sat by the cave entrance quietly .  

"Master, your injuries are not fully healed, you sure you still want to go out? Do you not want to recuperate more before you go?" Old White swallowed the pill and asked her .

"Those teachers were injured fighting against the Nascent Soul cultivators in their bid to save me . If I can't get out of bed then I won't go . But now that I am able to, how can I not go to visit them?"

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She took out her Rainbow Coloured Glazed Feather and threw it out, then stepped up and sat on it and flew towards the main peak where the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster were .  

The figure dressed in green robes sat on the Rainbow-coloured glazed feather, legs floated in mid-air and headed towards the main peak . Amongst the students in the academy who noticed the figure in the sky, some of them looked confused and some had doubts .

What happened a few days ago had shocked all the students in the academy . After all, they had never known the entire combative party of the academy, Golden Core and above teachers all go together to save one student .

Because of their doubts, they had tried to find out more . But other than Feng Jiu being a citizen from a ninth grade country, they were unable to find out more, not even their family were about to uncover more information .

However, all the more, because of this, they knew that Feng Jiu was not someone of simple origins .  

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Somewhere else in the academy, Nie Teng stood quietly as he watched from afar as Feng Jiu flew past . His eyes followed her as she flew towards the main peak, until her figure disappeared into sight .

It looked like she had recovered from her injuries .

When she arrived at the main peak, she saw that besides the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster, Young Master Mo Chen was also present . She smiled: "Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster, Young Master Mo Chen, I have come to extend my gratitude and would like Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster to accompany me to visit the injured teachers . "

"Feng Jiu? Have you recovered from your injuries? Why didn't you rest for a couple more days before getting out of bed?" The Deputy Headmaster indicated for her to sit down .  

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"Yes, my injuries have mostly healed . "

She sat down with them at the stone table and noticed that Mo Chen had been staring at her from the moment she came in . She smiled and said: "Young Master Mo Chen, don't be too interested in me, I already belong to someone . "

Mo Chen stared at her deeply, then looked away and lifted up his cup of tea to take a sip without saying a word .

Seeing this, the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster couldn't help but look at each other, then the Headmaster smiled and said: "Feng Jiu, the teachers are being looked after by the teachers from the Pharmacy Division's Mountain Peak and the Alchemy Division . They are nearly fully recovered now . It's just that there are a few who have been injured more seriously who are still unable to get out of bed . If you wish to go and visit them, then the Deputy Headmaster will accompany you . "

"Okay . " She stood up and looked at the Deputy Headmaster: "Thank you . "

"Hehe, it's no bother at all . " The Deputy Headmaster stood up and smiled as he walked alongside her .

After they left, the Headmaster looked at Mo Chen: "Are you sure it's her? Do we need to take her back to your Master? However, with Feng Jiu's personality, it will prove difficult to take her to see your Master . "

Mo Chen shook his head and replied: "No need, I will go back and inform my Master, she doesn't need to come . "

"Will you come back?"

Mo Chen looked outside at the figure that had disappeared and said softly: "Of course I will be back . "

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