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Published at 29th of November 2019 05:15:04 PM
Chapter 760: 760

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Because he knew that he was not welcome, even if he had gone to visit her, he would not be able to see her .  

These past few days, Old White was having the time of his life as he took advantage of all the female students who had come to visit . That mouth of his, when he opened it, he said the most inappropriate things, but it amused the female students so much that they weren't offended .  

After all, in the eyes of everyone, it was just a beast, just a horse, it meant nothing .

After a few days of recuperation, coupled with her own medicine, Feng Jiu's injuries were gradually getting better .  

On this day, she was dressed in the Alchemy Division's green robes as she went out of the cave dwelling and heard Old White praising the few female students from the Spirit Academy flirtatiously . She hadn't walked over and just smiled as she leaned against the dwelling's entrance gate .

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"Senior Sister Chen, you are even more beautiful than yesterday . "

"Senior Sister Wang, you are looking in better spirits than you were yesterday, your skin is so tender that you could even squeeze water out of it . "

"Senior Sister Lee, the fragrance on your body smells lovely . A woman's fragrance, it smells so good . "

When they heard Old White's words, the female students chuckled: "Old White, why are you so perverted? Even a playboy can't compete with that mouth of yours . "

"That's right, if you wanted to, you could even coax the bird down from the tree . "

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"Did you learn this from your Master? The number one beauty in our academy Ye Jing is very close to your Master . Many people in the academy want to go out with Ye Jing but she isn't interested . She only has eyes for your Master . "

"Of course not, this is a natural born talent . "Old White grinned: " And besides, my Master is so handsome, it is Ye Jing who has good taste . "

The female students covered their mouths and chuckled .

Cloud Devouring who was sprawled on the ground glanced at Old White and looked away . Because he didn't like being touched, he had scared away anyone who tried to touch him . But that Old White, was so shameless taking advantage of the female students .  

When he turned his head, he saw his Master by the entrance gate . He got up immediately and went over to her .  

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Seeing that, Old White and the few female students turned to look . When they saw Feng Jiu, they stood up in embarrassment .

"Feng Jiu, are you feeling better today?"

"You are out of bed and walking, you must be feeling better?"

Feng Jiu nodded and smiled as she replied: "I have beauties visiting me everyday, it's hard to not get well!" She laughed and walked towards the stone table to sit down . She smiled at the few female students and said: "Shall we have a chat?"

The few of them were embarrassed by her stare and smile: "No, no, it's okay . We have been here for quite a while . It's time we left . Next time! We will come and visit you again . "

"Okay, Old White, see the few beautiful Senior Sisters out . " She looked at Old White .

"Leave it to me!" Old White smiled and went to one of the Senior Sisters: "Senior Sister Chen, do you need me to help you out?"

"No need, no need, we can leave by ourselves . " Their faces had turned red as they left quickly .  

Seeing that he didn't need to see them out, Old White walked back over to Feng Jiu's side and said: "Master, your charm is not as great as mine, look, you scared everyone away the moment you came out . "

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