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Chapter 752: 752

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A teacher gulped and supported the person beside him, saying, "Other people advanced one or two ranks up . Say, how could he advance in one full stage? He went directly into the foundation building period and after the early stage of foundation building, she stepped into the middle stage without even stopping . . . "

"Can the Heavenly Foundation Building be the same as others? It must be different . "

"True . The academy hasn't seen a Heavenly Foundation Building for so many years . However, judging from the frightening pressure when Feng Jiu's advancing her ranks, it was really different from the ordinary Foundation Building cultivators . "

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At the front, the headmaster and deputy headmaster listened to the teachers talking behind them . The corners of their lips were slightly drawn out in an undetectable manner . They didn't know that Feng Jiu had the mystical energy body . Earlier, they mistakenly thought that the powerful pressure was Heavenly Foundation Building .

However, they were not aware that a person having the mystical energy body advanced differently . Ordinary cultivators stopped at the first level of Foundation Building when they entered this stage . Even the talented cultivators stopped at the second or third level when they advanced . Like Feng Jiu, there were few people who directly breakthrough into the middle stage early on .

After a half-column incense of time had passed, the surrounding mystical energy breath returned into Feng Jiu's body . Her cultivation level had been rising continuously . After entering the middle stage, it had still been rising until the peak stage . The spirit energy had been surging up, making it seem that she would break through the last threshold . However, her ability was limited . After several times of impact at the peak, her spirit energy aura was gradually weakening and finally stopped .

Even so, as soon as she stepped into the Foundation Building stage, she became a Foundation Building peak stage . This kind of speed still made people gasp with amazement .

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It's important to know that it took an ordinary cultivator nearly ten years to get to the middle stage from the initial stage . However, in a short period of less than half a column incense stick to burn, she broke through at one stroke to become the Foundation Building peak stage… .

Feng Jiu opened her eyes slowly . At this moment, she realized the difference of her body . Because she had entered the Foundation Building stage, there was a small vital sea of energy inside her meridians . Like a vortex, the spirit gathered and surging up, wrapping the green lotus inside .

Entering the Foundation Building, her vision seemed to be different . She could hear some tiny sounds in the distance and see some minuscular things . In brief, it felt extremely unusual .

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However, what made her feel strange was that the immortal-like man in a spotless white robe was currently standing in front of her while fixing his gaze at her straightforwardly . She couldn't help but be stunned by this queer stare .

"What are you doing?"

She sat cross-legged, for even as she entered the Foundation Building stage, she still could not recover from her injuries . The pain made her want to curse at someone .

"You are a woman . " Mo Chen watched her attentively . His voice was calm but his eyes and his heart were turbulent .

Following Mo Chen's affirmation, all the people around, except the three Black Market people, Guan Xilin and Nie Teng who knew her identity were astonished . Their mouths were agape and their astonished looks were fixed on Feng Jiu .

"Wo, woman?"

Nie Teng frowned and stared at Mo Chen with a cold face . Guan Xilin was the same, staring at him coldly .

Xiao Yihan stared at Feng Jiu open-mouthed . If Mo Chen didn't say, he wouldn't have paid any attention . When he took another look at the youth with her hair coming loose, which part of her was like a young man? She clearly was an enchanting beauty .

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