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Published at 25th of November 2019 01:55:06 PM
Chapter 751

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Mo Chen, wearing a white robe, flashed to the front of the boundary . He quickly gathered a powerful airflow with both hands to block the coming attack carrying a violent killing intent .

However, even with his skills, it was difficult to resist the combined attack of the two peak level Nascent Soul powerful cultivators .

The airflow attacks of both parties collided mid air, causing fierce whooshing sounds . The three powerful cultivators' pressures crashed with the air currents and created an explosion . The strong latent energy pushed them several meters behind .

As the two sides retreated, a trickle of blood oozed from the corners of their lips . The powerful impact knocked Guan Xilin and the others who came rushing forward for the second time flying .  The defense boundary that Feng Jiu erected was also broken at this time .

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Mo Chen looked back . His glance captured the person sitting cross-legged in the midst of the surging air currents . Her jet-black hair flew about in a mess . The face that he considered pretty before now looked absolutely beautiful . She was even more enchanting in her red dress . It inexplicably added a woman's enchanting aura . His eyes moved fleetingly, staring at the alluring and gorgeous face . He kept looking and looking at her .

After a long time, he looked away and swept a glance at the boundary that was split open . Feng Jiu was at the center, with breath from the mystical energy and the powerful pressures still pervading the air .

He slowly turned back and looked at the two pale-faced peak level Nascent Soul cultivators in front of him . At the same time, he raised his hand to wipe the trace of blood from his mouth .

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His eyes sunk at the scarlet speck of blood at his fingertips . Even though he seemed like an immortal, at that time, he was filled with a murderous spirit . The two Nascent Soul cultivators were shocked that he had used only one man's power to block their joint attack .

The white figure flashed in front of them and grabbed their necks with both hands . Before they knew it, a snapping sound was heard and their necks were crushed .

That action looked very casual and effortless, but it stunned the crowd behind him . . .

The two Nascent Soul cultivators died with fear on their faces . But just then, two tiny figures flew out of their bodies to escape . However, before flying a meter away, they were strangled again by Mo Chen .

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Seeing this scene, not only the headmaster and deputy headmaster, but the four elders of the academy also gulped and looked at him in horror .

That man who looked like an immortal and such a clean person was so horrible when killing people . It made them tremble . . .

Even though they knew that he had an unfathomable strength, they were shocked to see that he killed those two peak level Nascent Soul powerful cultivators without much effort . Was his strength already surpassing those Nascent Souls?

The people present felt scared when they thought of this . When he turned to face them with an indifferent expression, every one of them except the headmaster and deputy headmaster took a step back .


The third thunderbolt shot down at this moment and broke this weird atmosphere . At last, their eyes were drawn away from the immortal-looking man and fell on Feng Jiu who was sitting cross-legged on the ground .  

After the third thunderbolt, the surrounding energy was absorbed into Feng Jiu's body . Her rank was also rising step by step . Looking at the speed of her promotion, once again, the crowd's jaw dropped .

First rank, third rank . It didn't stop until the middle stage of Foundation Building… .

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