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Published at 17th of November 2019 08:25:04 PM
Chapter 745: 745

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As he looked at the forest that was engulfed in the pressure and airflow, he muttered thoughtfully: " Feng Jiu, who on earth are you?" He lifted his sleeve and also entered the forest . . .

In the depths of the forest, the battle between the four Nascent Soul cultivators and Feng Jiu was mind-blowing! In comparison to their spiritual power, hers became stronger the more they fought, like as if they were losing their power to her . Her speed and fighting power was incredibly strong .

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In particular, the ancient pressure coming off her body slowed their movements down . Even though they are Nascent Soul cultivators, facing ancient pressure made their hearts shake with fear .

After battling for some time, the Nascent Soul cultivators bodies were filled with wounds . However, the wounds caused by the Qingfeng sword weren't bleeding . Because the sword had flames, when it sliced through their flesh, the fire burnt their skin before it could bleed . The smell of burnt flesh spread .

The four Nascent Soul cultivators covered in wounds looked embarrassed . If it weren't witnessed, no one would believe that a Great Spirit Master could back them into a corner like this . They experienced how powerful the mystical spirit body was first hand . If she weren't a female, they would have taken her body and used it to cultivate their powers .  

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If the people outside knew she had a mystical spirit body, they would most definitely come forth and try to take the body for themselves . This kind of body was that of a supreme cultivator, a temptation that one could not ignore, but it's a pity, a pity . . .

"Woosh! Bang!"

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The Qingfeng sword slashed through midair, out for blood . The strong pressure from the sword slashed the airflow into two halves . The sword brought with it the ancient pressure, as it aimed at one of the Nascent Soul cultivators .

That Nascent Soul cultivator was astonished and used the sword in his hand to block the sword . His whole body exerted spirit energy to block the blow from the sword . However, his Nascent Soul strength was no match for the ancient pressure, and he was forced backwards . The powerful airflow came at such force that his facial features distorted and he couldn't even open his eyes .

"Clash! Clang!"

The sword that was used to block his body was broken by the powerful pressure . The pieces flew behind him and were embedded into the ground . At the same time, a loud bang slammed into his chest and he was thrown back by the same powerful pressure . He wasn't able to control the blow and was dragged back a few hundred metres .  

No one heard it . When the Nascent Soul cultivator was struck by the powerful force, his body made a sound like as if a blade cut through his body . It was actually part of the sword that was embedded in the ground that had pierced through his body when he landed on the ground . Dust from the ground flew up in the air as the airflow whistled . No one noticed that the Nascent Soul cultivator on the ground was not moving, and blood was slowly seeping out from beneath his body . As he lay dying, his eyes stayed opened and stared at the red robed Feng Jiu… . .  

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