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Published at 17th of November 2019 06:40:04 PM
Chapter 744: 744

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At this time, a group of cultivators arrived headed by the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster . When the two men saw the situation as they arrived at the forest, they were startled, especially when they recognised one of the men being Chief Gong from the Black Market .

In a blink of an eye, the two men were behind him .

"Chief Gong, what are you here?" The Headmaster asked, his eyes fixed on the two dead Golden Core cultivators on the ground . At the same time, he could hear the sounds of battle from within the depths of the forest .  

"You've come too?" Chief Gong looked at the Headmaster and then at the group of cultivators behind him . He was shocked that the Headmaster had brought all the teachers from the academy to rescue Feng Jiu . However . . . .

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"We rushed over as soon as we heard the news . We saw Feng Jiu inside the forest, but we can't enter . See for yourselves . " He gestured towards the depths of the forest where the powerful airflow could be seen .

"There are four Nascent Soul peak conquerors inside . The Nascent Soul cultivator's pressure has been released and spread through the whole forest . But more importantly, other than the Nascent Soul cultivator's pressure, there is also another… . . "

Chief Gong hesitated and looked towards the depths of the forest without saying anything else .

The Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster looked into the forest and also felt that other than the Nascent Soul cultivators' pressure, there was another . . . Ancient Sacred Beast breath!

Was it Feng Jiu's life contract beast? Was his life contract beast an Ancient Sacred Beast?

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As the two men suppressed their shock and looked at each other, they heard the exclamations of the teachers who had gathered behind them .

"Wow! Can Feng Jiu still be alive when there is such a powerful spiritual airflow?"

"The pressure of the spiritual airflow from inside the forest is making me shudder . . . "

"This is the pressure from the Nascent Soul cultivator!" Four elders of the academy said in unison . It was a big deal for the four elders to come and rescue one student .

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Guan Xilin had not stopped like everyone else in front of the forest . He however, had put up the defense mechanisms on his Eight Trigrams Dish and flew straight into the depths of the forest . Upon seeing this, the Headmaster and everyone else were in shock .  

"Come back! Do you want to die?"

The Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster chased after him . The four Nascent Soul elders paused and also followed them into the forest . The rest of the teachers looked at each other and took out their magical weapons to put up defences and also went into the forest .  

It was difficult for the Golden Core cultivators to maintain control under such strong pressure, but they managed using their magical weapons . However, could Feng Jiu from a ninth grade country survive such a powerful pressure?

"We will go in too!" The Nascent Soul cultivator who was with Chief Gong said lifted his sleeve up and followed everyone .

"Let's go!" The teachers from the academy had magical weapons, naturally they did too .

Nie Teng and Xiao Yihan also went into the forest . One was the Crown Prince of Green Gallop Country, and the other was the son of the first wife of a powerful family . Naturally, they both also had magical artifacts .

Mo Chen who was behind them stopped in midair on his flying sword and didn't fly into the forest . He was getting a sense of the pressure and airflow that penetrated the whole forest .  

The pressure that was mixed in with the Nascent Soul peak cultivators' pressure was not Golden Core nor Nascent Soul, nor was it Sacred Beast, it was . . . … Ancient Pressure!

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