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Published at 17th of November 2019 06:40:06 PM
Chapter 743

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She looked at the four Nascent Soul cultivators stood in front of her, a look of madness in her eyes, the determination to fight for her life was obvious at this moment . The mysterious breath and spirit energy gathered together and formed a breathtaking atmosphere that shocked everyone . The intent to kill was emanating off her, and from a dozen of metres from her, the airflow seemed to join up with her . At this moment, she gave people a terrifying feeling like she was about to destroy the earth… . .


"How is that possible! She has the Mystical Body!"

"Dear God! It's the Mystical Spirit Body! So rare it is only seen once in a million years!"

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At this point, even the four Nascent Soul cultivators were startled as they looked upon the powerful airflow that surged from her body . They thought about the legend of the Mysterious Mystical Spirit Body .  

The cultivation of a Mystical Spirit Body was ten times faster than that of a genius cultivator! Maybe even more! There has never been a Mystical Spirit Body from within the Eight Empires . They never expected to come across one in a low level country, a ninth grade country even!

It was no wonder that person had his eyes set on her . Even if she was ordinary and not outstanding, after a few years of cultivation, she would be above everyone else!

"We can't let her live! Kill her!"

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Such a person who had a Mystical Spirit Body could not be allowed to live! Even if those above had instructions to bring her back alive, however, in that moment, they knew they couldn't let such a person live! The threat was too high!

"Kill her!"

Blood thirsty cries could be heard from the four Nascent Soul cultivators as they attacked together . They hadn't used their full power earlier on with the intent of capturing her alive . However, now they exerted their full power with the intent to kill!

"You want to kill me, then I will kill you instead!"

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Blazing flames rushed out from her body . The fire was from the ancient beasts that were joined with her body . On top of Qingfeng emanating surges of green glow, a cluster of flames surged ahead with the pressure of the ancient beasts . The four Nascent Soul cultivators were no threat to her .

This was war, fight to the death!

The startling airflow and terrifying atmosphere spread through the whole forest . Even the people dozens of metres away were struck by the invisible pressure from the four Nascent Soul conquerors and Feng Jiu's powerful airflow that was visible to the naked eye .  

The airflow was like turbulent waves that rushed through and piled on top of each other continuously until the whole forest was completely filled . Whether it was the ground or in the air, it was filled with strong pressure .  


"Whoosh! Bam, bam!"

Other than the Nascent Soul elder, the few people who were dozens of metres away lost control and slammed hard onto the ground . Although the Nascent Soul elder heard the loud noise that came from the depths of the forest, he did not go to see what had happened . Instead, while the two Golden Core cultivators had lost control of their balance and combat power, he took the opportunity and drew two short swords and charged towards the two men like thunder, destroying them .

In an instant, only the sounds of metal clashing could be heard . The two Golden Core cultivators hadn't had time to respond and fell to the ground . Their eyes showed resentment as they stared at the Nascent Soul elder in death .

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