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Published at 17th of November 2019 03:10:04 PM
Chapter 742: 742

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Feng Jiu's red robes were covered in fresh blood from being slashed by the sharp swords . She held the lifeless sword in her hand as she squatted on the floor breathless . Although she looked defeated, her eyes sparkled with fierceness and fight! It was dazzling!

The four Nascent Soul cultivators and two Golden Core cultivators surrounded her . The powerful atmosphere the six of them produced the blood of the three men watching boil . However, Feng Jiu who stood in the middle of them was able to use her spirit energy and stood up… . . .  

According to the information, she was only a Great Spirit Master… . .

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It was already extremely rare for a Great Spirit Master to sustain the battle for this long . When he saw her glance over at them, Chief Gong said: " We are here to help you!" As soon as he spoke, the sword in his hand was raised, ready to make a path for her escape .  

Feng Jiu's eyes flashed as she stared at the three men, a little out of breath: "Then take care of those two Golden Core cultivators . "

The three men surrounded the two Golden Core cultivators after hearing her instructions . Both these men were the peak level of Golden Core stages, the highest stage . Out of the three of them, only Chief Gong was at the peak level of Golden Core stages . The elder was Nascent Soul stage, and the other Golden Core cultivator was only at level three .

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With their strength, it was not possible to go up against the four Nascent Soul cultivators without losing . Since that was the case, they would lure these two men away and kill them first!

"You're seeking death! I will take your three lives!" The two Nascent Soul cultivators said in a deep voice and flew away with them to about ten metres away .  

Even though there was a Nascent Soul cultivator out of the three men, but they were not guaranteed victorious as they had magical weapons! Moreover, how could these sixth grade country cultivators compete with them?

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"Feng Jiu, you better surrender, or you will suffer!"

One of the Nascent Soul cultivators said coldly: "Don't think that these people can save you . The four of us are Nascent Soul peak cultivators . We can make the whole Nebula City collapse with just a shake of our legs!"

At this point, they showed their full strength and released their Nascent Soul peak cultivators' breath and pressure!

This was their final showdown! One Nascent Soul peak cultivator had the ability to burn a city to the ground, even a whole country! They couldn't care less about the Nebula Academy!

Feng Jiu took deep breaths and stood up using the Qingfeng sword as a support . She seemed to have a messy atmosphere . However, nobody noticed that this was actually the opportunity she had been waiting for . The blood within her body was screaming and expanding through every muscle in her body . She could only feel her blood boiling, like a stream of flowing water, rushing all the way into the sea… . .

Within her dantian, the dripping water turned into a vortex, her spirit energy surged as it condensed and got stronger . She knew that it was not the best time to cultivate her foundation, but it was the opportunity she had been waiting for!

"Then let's fight! I want to experience how formidable a Nascent Soul peak cultivator is!"

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