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Published at 17th of November 2019 03:10:06 PM
Chapter 741

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Back at the main peak, Guan Xilin looked displeased when he saw Nie Teng, but he didn't drag up old grievances with him . Instead, he went to look for Ye Jing to find out what had happened and then prepared to leave with the Deputy Headmaster .  

"Why are the few of you coming along? They are eight Golden Core cultivators and four Nascent Soul cultivators, and we don't even know the exact level of their cultivation . You are just going to get yourselves killed if you go . Stay back and wait for our return!"

After he finished speaking, the Deputy Headmaster looked at the Headmaster and the rest of the teachers leave under the leadership of Ye Jing . He then turned to Nie Teng, Guan Xilin and Xiao Yihan and said: "Go back now! Don't cause any delays to our rescue mission!" Before they could respond, he stepped on his flying sword and caught up with the party up ahead .

Nie Teng glanced at Guan Xilin then leaped onto his flying sword and followed the group ahead .  

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When he saw that Nie Teng had followed the rescue party, Guan Xilin took out the Eight Trigram Dish and threw it in the air . He stepped on the dish and followed suit .

"Wait for me!" Xiao Yihan also stepped onto his flying artifact and followed them .

Back at the academy, all the students were shocked as they stared at Nebula's four Nascent Soul Elders, Spirit Division's eighteen Golden Core teachers and Mystical Division's twenty Martial Sacred teachers, who under the leadership of the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster, left the academy for the town at great speed .  

"Hey! That's the whole academy's teachers who are above Golden Core stage! Even the four Nascent Soul Elders have made an appearance, along with the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster . What on earth could have happened?"

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"Who exactly did Feng Jiu provoke that they would need such a strong rescue team? Also, why would the academy use all their manpower to go and rescue a new student? Is Feng Jiu really just a country bumpkin from a ninth grade country?"

"Look! That's Master Mo Chen! The Sky Master's disciple is also going with them . " The students watched from below in shock as they pointed to the figure that followed the rescue party .

Chief Gong and two other people had arrived at the forest . The moment they stepped into the forest, they felt the surge of powerful atmosphere . The air was filled with a blood thirsty intent, and there was even a faint smell of blood in the air .  

"Will the Ghost Doctor die?" The Golden Core cultivator asked .

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"She won't die so easily . " Chief Gong replied in a deep voice: "Her foundation is contracted by the ancient sacred fire phoenix, even in her last moments of life, her contracted beast will come out to protect her . It's just that there may be things that we can't foresee . "

"Over there!"

As the elder spoke, his eyes fixed on something in front of him: "The airflow up ahead is the strongest, and there is the faint sounds of swords clashing . They should be in the depths of the forest . "

"Let's go!"

As the three men spoke, they ventured further into the forest . As they walked further into the forest, they could feel the difference in the pressure from the outer parts of the forest . Their blood within their bodies writhed the further they went .

Chief Gong and the Nascent Soul elder weren't too bad . However, the Golden Core cultivator had to stabilise the pressure in his body to avoid losing control over his mind and body .

It had taken the three men about the time of half a joss stick before they arrived at the scene of battle . When they saw the red figure besieged by four Nascent Soul cultivators and two Golden Core cultivators, they couldn't help but shrink back . . . .

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