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Chapter 724

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Hearing these words, Feng Jiu, who was angry in the beginning, immediately burst into laughter .

She took a glance at the deputy headmaster in front of her and smilingly said, "Deputy headmaster, you are a quick learner!"

"Hey, hey, I can't do anything about it . Don't you like gourmet food? There are some delicious dishes in this kitchen that can't be found outside . " The deputy headmaster smiled sheepishly . He had never expected that one day, he would use gourmet food to tempt a person .

"All right! Send someone in right away . " She turned and walked back . In fact, the moment Teacher Lu apologized, she didn't think of leaving .

Although she didn't have much contact with Teacher Lu, she heard from the academy's students and teachers that he was a rigorous and earnest person . She couldn't stand idly by while a teacher who seriously taught the students was in that kind of condition .

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What's more, Teacher Lu had already apologized to her, so she couldn't use that excuse as a reason not to help him out .

Seeing Feng Jiu returned, those people were very happy . They hurriedly called the two doctors and gave them explanations repeatedly then asked the doctors to change their clothes again and acted as Feng Jiu's assistants .

At this time, Guan Xilin and Ye Jing also arrived outside . But, they were not allowed to approach the teaching office .

After changing clothes and washing her hands, Feng Jiu took out some tools from the space while at the same time asking the two doctors . "Has the headmaster told both of you? Please don't surprise me with your yell when you heard any of my instructions later . On a similar note, don't publicize whatever you saw in this room . "

"Mm, we know . The headmaster had explained to us . " The two doctors nodded . However, they were sceptical inside .  Would this Alchemy division's student really have medical expertise to save Teacher Lu?

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"Let them see if my brother is outside . Tell him to change his clothes and wash his hands before coming in . "

One of the doctors went outside and told them . A short time later, Guan Xilin walked in .

"Feng Jiu, do you need my help?" Guan Xilin asked . When he approached the bedside, his eyes skimmed over Teacher Lu in passing and then his gaze fell on Feng Jiu .

Feng Jiu looked up at him and smiled . "Big Brother, you have a very important task . When I'm performing the surgery, remember to wipe my sweat . Never let the sweat drop . "

"No problem," Guan Xilin answered with a smile .

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The room in the teaching office was sealed . Everything inside was covered . People outside only knew that a student named Feng Jiu was treating Teacher Lu, but they didn't know anything about the treatment .

The headmaster and the deputy headmaster, who kept watch outside, looked at each other with tension and worry .

Even if they had heard Ghost Doctor's great name for a long time, they didn't have firsthand knowledge of his medical expertise . They couldn't put down their worry completely at this time . Let alone cure this kind of thing, no doctors could guarantee to remedy all ills . What would happen to Teacher Lu then? They could only see the results after the treatment was done .

"Is that Feng Jiu really good at medicine? Why would the headmaster and others trust him?"

"Exactly . He is just a student like us . The academy's pharmacists and doctors can't cure the disease and save the patient's life . How could he dare to take over the treatment?"

"I reckon that the headmaster and others are making desperate efforts, like giving medicine to a dead horse . When the deputy headmaster went to the black market and didn't find out the whereabouts of the ghost doctor, they had to let Feng Jiu try . "

"That boy is so bold . He's not afraid of not being able to clear up the mess of Teacher Lu's death by his hands . "

Outside the teaching office, all the people waiting were talking and paying attention to the movement inside . However, nothing happened after two hours passed . After four hours passed, there was still no movement .

It wasn't until eight hours later that the teaching office's door finally opened . . .

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