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Published at 31st of October 2019 03:25:07 PM
Chapter 718

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All the students were looking at the Headmaster and wondered why he hadn't broken through the enchantments and called for Feng Jiu . Just then, a surprised shout from nearby was heard .

"Headmaster! Headmaster, I know now! It's him, it's him!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

The Deputy Headmaster's body moved quick as a flash and he was stood in front of the Headmaster in no time at all . He was about to continue speaking when he saw that the Headmaster put up a soundproof enchantment .

"What do you mean by it's him? Didn't I send you to the Black Market to locate the whereabouts of the Ghost Doctor? Have you got any news?" The Headmaster questioned . No one else, other than Guan Xilin who stood next to him, could hear their conversation because of the soundproof enchantment he had put up .  

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When Guan Xilin heard this, he looked from the Headmaster to the Deputy Headmaster, and his eyes narrowed .  

"It's him, it's Feng Jiu! He is the Ghost Doctor!"

The Deputy Headmaster said excitedly as he grabbed the Headmaster's sleeve: "Haven't I told you before, he's complicated . Not only his spiritual energy is superb, but his alchemy skills are also outstanding . But most importantly, he is the Ghost Doctor! The Ghost Doctor is a pharmacist! I heard that his alchemy standard has reached the sacred level . Right now, this talented boy is a student in our academy . How did this blessing fall happen to us at Nebula Academy?"

As he continued speaking, it was obvious that he was so excited he had become slightly incoherent . There was only one thought in his head, Feng Jiu, that young boy in red clothes that he had talent spotted was actually the famous Ghost Doctor!

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The Headmaster was shocked when he heard this news, and he looked at Guan Xilin . When he saw how calm he was, he knew that the news was true .  

He hadn't needed to ask or confirm it with anyone, he only needed to look at Guan Xiliin's reaction .  

He was Feng Jiu's elder brother, so naturally he would know everything there was to know about him . Besides, after his earlier reminder, he didn't need to ask anymore questions and he knew that Feng Jiu was definitely the Ghost Doctor!

However, he hadn't expected the person he was seeking was actually within the academy . Nor had he expected that the student who always had a mischievous smile on his face, and gave people the impression that he was lazy and mediocre, was actually the famous Ghost Doctor!

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No one knew how shocked he was at this point in time, nor how much this impacted his mood .

He finally understood Guan Xilin's earlier reminder . If he was just a regular student, then he wouldn't have cared . But if he was the Ghost Doctor . . . then the consequences wouldn't be trivial!

When the excited Deputy Headmaster saw the Headmaster's shocked expression, he shouted: "Headmaster? Headmaster? Did you hear what I said?"

The Headmaster recovered from his shock and looked at the Deputy Headmaster in the eye: "Old Guan, you're not young anymore, you need to think about the consequences of your actions . How do you think it looked to the teachers and students when you came running over screaming and shouting like an excited child?"

"I wasn't excited . . . . "

"You can be excited to an extent, you need to watch your actions . " The Headmaster said in a calm voice .  

The Deputy Headmaster calmed down as he listened to the deep calm voice of the Headmaster . He was too excited earlier to notice anything amiss, but now that he had calmed down, he realised something was wrong .  

He took one look at Guan Xiling and asked: "Headmaster, didn't you come to look for Feng Jiu? Why are you standing here?"

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