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Published at 31st of October 2019 03:25:08 PM
Chapter 717

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On a hilltop not too faraway, Mo Chen was making his way to Feng Jiu's cave dwelling . He had already left, but when he heard the news about the strengthened enchantment and soundproof enchantment, he had to come and take a look for himself .  

He was surprised to see that the Headmaster had also came over .

His gaze moved across to the student in Mystical Division robes . Was this the young boy's sworn elder brother Guan Xilin?

As he heard the Headmaster's question, he listened on quietly . Since he was the boy's sworn brother, he would know whether he had medical knowledge . If he said he didn't, then there was no need to break through the enchantments .  

However, even if he had medical knowledge, Teacher Lu's condition was dire, he was just a young boy, what could he possibly do to help?

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Under the tree, the Headmaster waited patiently for Guan Xilin's reply .

Guan Xilin looked at him . After a long silence, he finally spoke: "Instead of asking whether he has medical knowledge, I think Headmaster should be asking… . . Will he save him? Or will he not save him?"

Upon hearing this, the Headmaster's heart skipped a beat as he pondered on the meaning of what he had just said .

He understood .

Instead of asking whether Feng Jiu had any medical knowledge, he should ask whether Feng Jiu would save Teacher Lu . If he were to save Teacher Lu, it meant that he had medical knowledge . If he didn't want to save him, he need only say he didn't know any medical knowledge .

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Right from the start, they had only focused on the fact that Feng Jiu predicted that Teacher Lu would fall ill . They had sent students to bring him back, and then Teacher Lu went to try to break through the enchantments . Now he had come over personally . . . .

They had all took for granted that they need only give Feng Jiu a command and he would obey . . .

He finally understood that even if they broke through the enchantments and woke Feng Jiu up, he might not necessarily save Teacher Lu .

He looked deeply at Guan Xilin and took a bow: "Thank you . "

He thanked him for his insight .  

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Guan Xilin looked at the Headmaster and bowed slightly: "You're welcome . "

All the bystanders were shocked to see that the Headmaster had bowed to the student . This was just too unreal .  Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

From the nearby hill, Mo Chen looked on at the two people in conversation . He stared at the cave dwelling but didn't leave and then stared quietly at the Headmaster .  

At this time, the Deputy Headmaster had arrived back at the teacher's office and got the updates from Teacher Lu . Thoughts flashed through his head and he was in shock as he remembered the rumours about the Ghost Doctor .  

Ghost Doctor, dressed in red, a handsome young boy . . . .

Then he thought about the Black Market President's words: "To save him, why look further afield and not closeby . . . .

The Deputy Headmaster felt his head go bang as realisation hit him .

"It's him! It's him! It's actually him!"

He was so excited he could barely contain himself . After he shouted in excitement, he ran off towards the direction of Feng Jiu's cave dwelling .

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