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Published at 30th of October 2019 08:40:04 PM
Chapter 712: 712

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Without saying anything, Mo Chen walked forwards and came to the bedside . He lifted his palms and one could see the energy that came out of them . Quick as lightning, he sealed off major pressure points on Teacher Lu's body . At this point, Teacher Lu's body was devoid of any movement and he stopped breathing .  

Before anyone could open their mouths to ask him a question, Mo Chen had lifted his arm and turned around to walk out of the room . As he walked out, he only said one sentence in a cool voice .  

"At this point in time, don't be messing about with him . "

As everyone watched him disappear, they all turned to look at the headmaster . The headmaster's eyes lit up with excitement as he observed at Teacher Lu up and down . Spiritual energy had sealed the major pressure points of his body . Other than requiring to know the precise position of the pressure points, one also have to possess strong spiritual energy . Just a couple of hours of maintaining Teacher Lu in a vegetative state would have used up a major amount of Mo Chen's spiritual energy .  

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The headmaster sighed as he stared at the comatose Teacher Lu on the bed: "Cultivators have never feared getting injured . What's horrifying is to be sick but not even know it . He has taken so gravely ill so suddenly with no warning, and this illness could claim his life at any moment!"

The headmaster spoke those words out of lament . However, it shook the hearts of the bystanders like thunderstruck . Suddenly, they remembered something that had happened two days earlier . . . .

As he thought back to what happened two days ago, then thought about what had just happened, Teacher Lu wiped the sweat off his forehead, his expression a look of disbelief .  

"Teacher Lu, what's the matter?" The headmaster noticed that he didn't seem himself and asked in concern .

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Teacher Lu swallowed his saliva and answered: "Head, headmaster, I suddenly remembered something important that had happened . "

"What is it?"

"Well, two, two days ago I had summoned Feng Jiu and Ye Jing to the teacher's office to discuss Bai Ruofei smearing Ye Jing's name . That day, Teacher Lu was screaming at the two of them and then, and then… . "

"And then what happened next?" The headmaster asked in a calm voice .

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"Oh, I remember now, Feng Jiu told him off and said he was sick . " Another teacher replied .  

Another person shook his head and said: "No, no, he didn't tell him off, his tone was more like a friendly reminder . " 

"Yes, we didn't pay attention at that time, nor remember it . It was just when the headmaster said those things that I recalled what Feng Jiu had said to Teacher Lu . She said : Teacher Lu, you are sick and need treatment . " Teacher Lu swallowed his saliva as he paused, then continued speaking: "Because the atmosphere was so tense at that time, we thought that he had said that in a fit of anger . But I have just remembered now, Feng Jiu had said that he will collapse in less than three days . "Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

When he heard this, the headmasters heart sank and his eyes narrowed: "What you mean to say is that three days ago, he could already tell that Teacher Lu was ill?"

"Yes, that's what I think too . I also wonder, since he is studying alchemy, maybe he is also versed in medicine?" Teacher Lu looked at the headmaster questioningly, but he didn't think it was at all possible .  

Feng Jiu was the only student in the Alchemy Division, and also a Sky Rank Student in the Academy . If he was also well versed in medicine, then this boy was really too good to be true!

"Where is Feng Jiu right now?" The headmaster asked .

"If he is not at the Spirit Division, then he would be at the Alchemy Division . " Teacher Lu replied .  

The headmaster waved his hand as he instructed: "Go, send someone to bring him here . "

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