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Chapter 709: 709

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Early the next morning .  

"Little Jiu, Little Jiu?"

Once Guan Xilin had heard the news, he hurried over and bumped into Ye Jing on the way .  

Old White sauntered over slowly to Ye Jing's side and said to the both of them: "Master went to sleep very late last night, she won't wake up until at least noon today . She also soundproofed her bedroom, so she won't hear you no matter how loud you shout . "

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"We heard that Ouyang Xiu has issued a challenge against Feng Jiu . Where did you meet him yesterday?" Guan Xilin asked, his brow twisted in worry .  

"On the way back . Mistress said that if you both are to turn up, to tell you to go home and not to worry . She has no intention of accepting the challenge . " Old White took a deep breath, sniffing at the fragrance coming from Ye Jing .  

Ah, a woman's fragrance .  

"Ouyang Xiu is a Foundation Formation Cultivator and his cultivation skills is top notch amongst his peers . There are many students in the academy, but only Nie Teng is powerful enough to suppress him . If Feng Jiu were to fight with him, I'm afraid . . . . " Ye Jing was worried and felt uneasy .

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Guan Xilin however, was not worried that Feng Jiu was no match against Ouyang Xiu because he knew her strengths . Least to say students of the academy, even the teachers were not a match against her . He just felt that if she was continually being challenged by other students, it would hinder her cultivation .  

If anyone could come to challenge her, then where would she find the time for cultivation and doing anything for herself?

"You should go back, Mistress is fine here, don't worry . " As Old White spoke, he took another deep breath and looked intoxicated .  Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Seeing this, Ye Jing didn't know whether to laugh or cry and said: "Old White, can you be less lecherous?" Was she that fragrant?

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"I can't, I love beautiful women, especially women who are also beautiful on the inside . Beautiful Ye Jing, I have wanted to tell you for the longest time, you are really fragrant! Full of a woman's scent . Oh no, my legs are going weak . "

Old White's face looked intoxicated as he sprawled onto the ground it's legs buckling under him . The cheap look on its face and lecherous look in its eyes, and very human personality made it hard for one to hate him .  

Guan Xilin looked at Old White speechless: "Old White, where did you learn to be this lecherous? Feng Jiu isn't like that! Is it your previous owner?"

"My previous owner was a simpleton, but he was a nice man, otherwise he wouldn't have given me to my Little Jiu Jiu . " He said in such a smooth glib manner as he said Little Jiu . Its eyes lit up suddenly: "Ah, I will call Mistress Little Jiu Jiu in the future, Little Jiu Jiu, it sounds really nice . "

Seeing this, the two people shook their heads and had nothing to say but smile at each other .  

At this moment in this, it was chaos in the Spirit Division . Teacher Lu was giving a lecture and whilst screaming at one of the students, he fainted .

By the time the frantic students had brought Teacher Lu to the teacher's lounge, his whole body had already gone stiff and was completely unconscious . The teachers and students from the Medical Division rushed over once they received the news .  

The headmaster and deputy headmaster had also rushed over to the teacher's lounge upon hearing the news and looked around at all the people in the room . The deputy headmaster asked: "What happened? Why did Teacher Lu faint out of the blue?"

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