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Published at 30th of October 2019 03:50:05 PM
Chapter 708: 708

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It was evening, the three people who had spent nearly the whole day out together split up at the crossroads and went their separate ways .  

Feng Jiu led her three beasts towards the direction of her cave dwelling . However, as she walked on, she saw a Sky Rank student dressed in the Spirit Division robes stood in the road ahead of her . It didn't seem like he was going to let her and her beasts pass through . Her eyebrows furrowed as this realisation hit her .  

"Excuse me, please may I pass?"

The man turned around to face her, two pairs of eyes stared back at each other, a dark glint in both their eyes .  

As Feng Jiu sat on Old White, she weighed up the person stood in front of her . The academy robes could not conceal the superiority of this person's strength . Even if he was a student, he must be one of the Ten Proud Children of Heaven, and most definitely one of the top three students .  

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Not only was he good looking, but he also had extraordinary strength and was obviously from an upper class family, he was no doubt one of the Ten Proud Children of Heaven .  Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

In the Nebula Academy, out of the Ten Proud Children of Heaven, other than Nie Teng, there was probably only Ouyang Xiu who had this kind of demeanor and appearance .

Ouyang Xiu is the second Foundation Formation Stage student in the Six Star Academy, and is in the middle stage level of the stage . Because Nie Teng's level is higher, he was only able to be the second of the Ten Proud Children of Heaven .  

In other words, the eternal second .  

While Feng Jiu was weighing up Ouyang Xiu, he was also weighing up the young man on the white horse .  

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Under the plain academy uniform was a hidden beauty . The young man's striking face always attracted attention wherever he went . However, what caught his attention was the young man's mysterious energy penetrating from him .  

He was just a young boy obviously not older than sixteen years of age, dressed in inconspicuous green robes, but there was magnificence that was inconcealable . As he sat on his white horse, he had a carefree attitude, like a cheeky child .  

However, when the young man raised his head, there was a fierceness in his eyes that made his heart tremble with just one glare! 

Was this Feng Jiu really only from a ninth grade country?

With his striking and dazzling appearance, how could he come from an ordinary background?

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"Feng Jiu?" There was a fierceness in his low voice .  

"Ouyang Xiu?" Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows .

Ouyang Xiu's eyes narrowed: "I've heard a lot about you . "

"And the same of you . " Feng Jiu's lips curled up in a smile .  

Ouyang Xiu stared intensely at the young man on the white horse and said: "I will wait for you three days later at Wind Cloud Terrace . " Once he had finished speaking, he turned and walked away before Feng Jiu had a chance to say anything .  

In his view, for someone like Feng Jiu, once he was offered a challenge, he would definitely show up .  

However, he didn't understand Feng Jiu, and did not know what kind of a person she was . She would not have taken his words seriously .  

She looked at the figure disappearing ahead of her and smiled, then patted Old White's head and said to Little Black: "Come on, let's go!"

One human and three beasts walked towards the cave dwelling .  

Ouyang Xiu had only just issued his challenge to Feng Jiu, but all the students in the Spirit Division had already heard the news and knew that Ouyang Xiu would be waiting for Feng Jiu at Wind Cloud Terrace in three days time… . . .

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