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Chapter 707

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"Well, it's not bad, but I still think . . . "

Before she had finished speaking, Ye Jing walked over towards her with a look of shock on her face, her head tilted to one side staring at Old White like he was a playboy .  

"Feng Jiu, what's up with Old White?" When she got to Feng Jiu, she noticed there was a man next to her . She looked down and smiled .  

"Ye Jing, you're here . Just in time . Come, sit down . " Feng Jiu reached out and pulled her down to the grass and introduced the two of them with a smile: "Ye Jing, this is my older brother Guan Xilin . Elder brother, this is my friend Ye Jing, the beauty of the academy . "

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Guan Xilin nodded in acknowledgment and smiled: "Very pleased to meet you . "

Ye Jing was a little startled, and as she stared at the young man stood in front of her, her heart skipped a beat and her face flushed red . She had to calm her nerves before she could speak: "Feng Jiu speaks about you all the time, it's a surprise meeting you today . "


"Yes, you aren't what I expected . " She looked down as she replied and chuckled in nervousness .

She was surprised because she had thought that Feng Jiu's brother would be a mild mannered gentleman, and not a strong manly man . Even though it was the first time she had met him, but she felt an indescribable curiosity towards him .  

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Feng Jiu looked at the two of them with a smile on her face and stood up: "Well, I've only just got out of bed and not washed myself! Carry on chatting and I will catch up with you later . " She took Old White with so the both of them wouldn't be disturbed .  

"Hey, Feng Jiu . . . . . "

When Ye Jing saw her leave, she couldn't help but feel nervous again . She remembered the last time Feng Jiu mentioned she would introduce her to her brother, and she hadn't known what she would say to him . Now she was alone with him, she was overwhelmed by the situation .  

Guan Xilin was surprised when he saw her nervousness . He touched his chin as he asked with uncertainty: "I shaved before I came out, do I still look scary?"

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"Huh? No, no . " She looked up startled, and looked away in panic as she met his smile . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Although Guan Xilin found it surprising, but he did not let it bother him . He asked: "Are you a citizen from Green Gallop Country? Or are you from another country?"

As they talked, Ye Jing gradually regained her usual calm and demure composure . She observed that Guan Xilin was very knowledgeable . She listened to him talk about him leading a group of army practising drills, and the conversation between them flowed freely .  

As Feng Jiu observed them from her cave dwelling, she couldn't help but smile . She knew it, they were a perfect match .  

Since they were chatting, she would come back out after she had changed . She yawned as she entered her bedroom to rest . . . .

It was nearly noon when the two of them realised that Feng Jiu had been gone for a long time . Guan Xilin smiled as he stood up and said to Ye Jing: "Ye Jing, you wait here while I go to get Feng Jiu, and then we will go to the mountain to eat grilled fish together . "

"Okay . " She nodded and watched as he walked towards the cave dwelling .  

In about the time of half an incense, a freshly dressed Feng Jiu walked out with Guan Xilin . She was bursting with excitement at the thought of catching fish, her face showed no sign of sleepiness .  

"Why have I never thought of catching fish to eat? We will have a feast today!" She said excitedly and called Old White, Little Black and the Cloud Devouring to follow them . The humans and three beasts walked towards back path of Myriad Beasts Mountain Range .

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