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Chapter 706: 706

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Guan Xilin nodded with a smile on his face . "Mm, that's correct . I've advanced to the Martial Ancestor in the Mystical Pagoda . In fact, when I've been honing my cultivation outside with the mercenary group for several months, not only my speed, my martial arts and reaction also improved steadily . But, I'm just short of an opportunity to advance . This time, crashing through the pagoda's barrier acted as a catalyst to help me break into this rank so quickly . "

"So, what on earth is the Mystical Pagoda? How does it look like inside? Are there many people? " She asked curiously . It's said that this pagoda was a great place for Mystical division students to improve their own strength . She had been in the academy for so long, but she hadn't caught its sight yet .

"There were not many people in it . All the students were at the Great Martial Master rank . There are nine levels inside the pagoda . The higher the level, the more difficult it is to breakthrough . Some of the students were trapped at the third or the fourth level, and they couldn't re-enter . In addition to martial arts, speed and Mystical energy can improve very quickly . The most mysterious is the ninth level . The Mystical Pagoda's ninth-level turned into a fantasy world that matches each person who got in . I encountered a land of fantasy when I went in . It took me half a month to get out of the mirage . "

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"That ferocious?" She stroked her chin while her eyes shifted slightly . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"Mm . I think you can try going to the Mystical Pagoda when you have time . " He then told her some things he met during his training outside . Finally, he asked, "Haven't you reached the Foundation Building yet? I remembered that you have been at an impasse for a long time at the Great Spirit Master level . "

"Not yet . I wanted to take a task to go out yesterday, but I ran into that little white flower again and I got delayed . This academy doesn't let people go out at will . I haven't eaten anything . I've been having some cravings recently . "

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Guan Xilin smiled . "Not in this academy . I heard that you have been to the Myriad Beasts Mountain Range? You can also go there to practice . If there are wild boars or other animals, you can catch them and roast them . "

"I've been there . After all, it's only a sixth-grade country . The highest-level animal was the Saint-level beast . I've seen all including divine beasts in hot pepper soup . It's not difficult at all for me and I got bored there . " She waved a hand and saw Old White that had been wandering around twisted its butt and flung its tail, running towards the distance excitedly .

"Hey, pretty Ye Jing, you're getting more and more beautiful… . "

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Feng Jiu and Guan Xilin pulled the corners of their lips simultaneously . The latter looked at Old White and then at Feng Jiu . "What's the matter with Old White? How can it speak? " Such a lecherous horse could drool at the beauty even without opening its mouth . What's so good about it being able to speak?

He could even imagine that when Little Jiu rode on it, would the beast whistle and flirt with the women on the street?

Feng Jiu looked at Ye Jing who was frozen in place and told her helplessly: "It ate my newly refined truth pill yesterday and it became like this . It told Old White not to open its mouth in front of people so as not to frighten them . But, it seems that it forgot every time it saw a beauty . "

As she said this, she elbowed Guan Xilin with an expectant smile . "Big Brother, let me tell you . Ye Jing is pretty good . She is the first beauty in the Spirit Division . She has a good character and is well accomplished . I think she is very pleasant . I wanted to introduce her to you last time . By the way, she is very kind-hearted . She even knows that I am a woman dressed as a man . "

Upon hearing this, Guan Xilin smiled . "The person that you find pleasing to your eyes is definitely a pretty good one . "

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