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Published at 30th of October 2019 10:10:05 AM
Chapter 703: 703

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"Feng, Feng Jiu, why have you come?" Bai Ruofei stood up immediately when she saw Feng Jiu, her expression nervous and tense .  

"I've come to look for Ye Jing . " Her lips curled up as she looked at Ye Jing: "I need you . "

Ye Jing stood up and took her leave with Bai Ruofei, then walked with Feng Jiu to a quiet area to speak: "Aren't we going to take her back to the teacher's department?"

"No need for that, I have an even better method to deal with her . " She smiled and gestured with her finger for her to come closer .  

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Ye Jing leaned in closer and as Feng Jiu whispered in her ear, she nodded and replied: "Okay, I understand . I will go now . " She turned and left .  

Not long after, Feng Jiu went back into Bai Ruofei's courtyard and hit her pressure point so she became unconscious . She then carried her out of the courtyard .  

Outside the courtyard of the Spirit Division, Bai Ruofei who was still unconscious was tied up, and her feet dangled about a foot above the ground . Her wrists bled as they carried the full weight of her swaying body .  

"Isn't that Bai Ruofei, she's always with Ye Jing . Why is she dangling up there?"

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"It is Bai Ruofei . Why is she unconscious?"

"Who hung her up there? Who has she offended?"

More and more students from the Spirit Division gathered round her . Though they all pointed at her as they discussed the situation, no one stepped forward to untie her .  

Nearby, Feng Jiu smiled when saw the students that had gathered around Bai Ruofei . She picked up a small stone and aimed it at Bai Ruofei's pressure point . When Bai Ruofei regained consciousness, she shrieked, and involuntarily swallowed the truth medicinal pill that Feng Jiu had placed in her mouth before she had a chance to respond properly .  

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After she regained full consciousness, aware of the pain in her wrists, Bai Ruofei sucked in a breath of air . When she tried to untie herself, she realised that she was dangling in midair . The rope was tied in a dead knot and she was unable to release herself . She didn't know what was happening and pleaded with the surrounding students to help her .  Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"Who tied me up here? Please help untie me and release me . "

"Aren't you always with Senior Sister Ye Jing? Why have you been tied up here? Who have you offended?" A student asked loudly as he walked forward to untie her . However, what he heard next stopped him in his tracks, and he stared at the girl dangling in midair with disgust .

"Ye Jing, yes, yes, yes, we are like sisters . We . . . who is good friends with her? That bitch is always acting like she is above everyone else… . . . "

After she spoke, Bai Ruofei was shocked and her face paled . She didn't know why, but it was like she had a whole lot to say and she couldn't control herself . Even though she tried to shut her mouth, she couldn't stop talking .

"Why does Senior Brother Ouyang even like that bitch Ye Jing? She doesn't deserve Senior Brother Ouyang's affections . When I look at her everyday, I just want to tear at her beautiful face, but I just don't have the opportunity . Haha, she is a dummy to follow me into the Myriad Beast Mountain Range . I had purposely led the sacred beast to attack her . I didn't expect her to be so lucky to escape death and be saved by Feng Jiu that gigolo . Ah, since I couldn't kill her, then I have to ruin her reputation . Hasn't she been very close to that gigolo recently? So I … . . "

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