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Chapter 702

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Feng Jiu turned her head and said fiercely: "Shut your horse mouth! Don't you dare speak in human language in front of anyone, otherwise, I will make it so that you will never utter another sound again!"

There would be all sorts of problems if anyone knew that a beast that was not a sacred beast but could speak in human language .

When Old White heard this, he closed his mouth and kept quiet immediately, sprawled on the grass obediently . Its Mistress was true to her word, he didn't dare push the boundaries .

All this while, Cloud Devouring Beast and Little Black just stared at Old White with their eyes wide open . Once Feng Jiu had entered the cave dwelling, Old White raised its chin proudly and glanced over at them .  

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"What? Are you shocked by your this great Horse? I've told you from the beginning that I'm not just any beast . So, you've seen with your own eyes now? Hmph, even though I'm not a sacred beast but I can still speak in human language, nothing like you . "

The Cloud Devouring Beast's eyes narrowed: "What do you mean? Hasn't Mistress already told you? If you speak human language in front of anyone, she will make sure you never utter another sound again . You are not a sacred beast, but yet you can speak in human language . It's best not to let this news spread or it will cause problems . So keep your horse mouth shut . "

Old White hadn't retaliated . This was because, even though he was a bit lecherous, but his spirit knowledge was deep enough for him to understand the severity of this matter .  

Back in the cave dwelling, Feng Jiu looked down at the remaining two pills in her hand . There was no complication from the water to adding the medicinal herbs, so how could it make the beast speak in human language? Even though she was uncertain, but one thing she knew for sure was that the pill did indeed compel one to speak the truth . Once Old White ate the pill, he spilled the beans on everything he had ever done .  

"I must have gone wrong in one of the steps, but where?" She closed her eyes and recalled the whole process of refining the pill and the medical properties of each medicinal herb . Then suddenly, a memory sparked through her mind .  

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"I added too much of the speech augmentation spirit herb!"

Hence, she opened the pill furnace and proceeded to start refining a new batch of pills . This time she would use the same recipe but she adjusted the proportions of the medicinal herbs . After about two hours, a new batch of truth medicinal pills was ready .  

Like before, there were three pills in the furnace . However, only two pills were successful, the third pill was poisonous .  

Upon comparison with the two pills left from the previous batch, they looked identical . However, the fragrance from the new pills were milder than the old pills .  

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"It should be right this time . " Even though she said those words, in her heart, she was only sixty to seventy percent confident . After some thought, she walked out of the cave dwelling and gave the three beasts sprawled on the ground some instructions . She then sat on her flying feather and left .

After their Mistress had left, Old White's mouth twitched and spoke: "Do you think we should follow Mistress?"

Cloud Devouring stared at Old White: "Why do we need to follow her?"

"To protect Mistress of course!" Old White said as a matter of factly .

When Cloud Devouring saw that Old White had stood up and swayed it's bottom, it swallowed and said: "Didn't you hear Mistress tell us not to go anywhere . I'm not following you . "

"Are you coming, Little Black?" Old White looked at the bear questioningly . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

The big black bear scratched its head as it looked from Old White to Cloud Devouring . Finally, it shook its head, not daring to follow .  

Upon seeing this, Old White slumped back down on the ground .  

At this time, Feng Jiu had located Bai Ruofei's residence . When she arrived at her residence, she saw two people sat outside in the courtyard drinking tea . A smile flashed across her face .

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