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Published at 23rd of October 2019 04:00:07 PM
Chapter 685

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Ye Jing walked around the Spirit Division she knew so well with her and talked about the different areas and the sky ranked teachers . When she looked up and saw that it was getting dark she said: " That's it for today . Remember to come over tomorrow . Teacher Lu's lesson tomorrow will mainly be about controlling spiritual energy running through the body . This is a very important lesson so don't be late . "

"I know, I know . I'll be going back first then . "

She waved her hand then swiftly removed the feather from her waistband . She sat on it and was about to leave when she thought of something and asked jokingly: "Ye Jing, why are you so nice to me today? Aren't you afraid that I will take advantage of you again? You've been dragging me around with you all day . Many students have seen it too . Aren't you afraid of gossip?"

Ye Jing laughed and replied: "What kind of gossip can there be with you? Go home!"

Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and smiled: "Or have you reconsidered my suggestion and you're interested in being my sister-in-law?"

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She touched her chin and continued: "But you haven't met my elder brother yet though, have you?"

Ye Jing was red-faced with embarrassment and said: "Stop talking nonsense and just go home . "

"Hahaha! Okay, I am leaving now . See you tomorrow . " 

Ye Jing watched as she waved her hand and smiled then prepared to leave, then turned around again and looked at her with a playful smile . She said: "What do you want to say now, I've already told you to stop talking nonsense . "

"Hehe, it's nothing . I just wanted to ask, you take the Dispelling Pill like all of them don't you?"

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"Other than the teachers, all the students in the academy take the Dispelling Pill . "

"Okay, got it . I will bring you some food tomorrow morning . " She blinked as she looked at her then set off on her feather as she thought of going to the kitchen tomorrow for food .

In the courtyard of one of the divisions, Mo Chen who was dressed in white sat playing chess with the headmaster .  

"So the person Old Guan has been searching for all this time is now at the Alchemy Division . He said that the talent of this young man is exceptional . Hahaha, however, his ability to cause trouble also excels that of others . "Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Upon hearing the laughter in the headmaster's words, a slight smile sparkled in Mo Chen's deep and calm eyes .

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That boy not only caused trouble, but also went to the kitchen to steal food .

"Has there been any news of the person that I'm looking for?" Mo Chen asked quietly, his voice light like flowing water .

The headmaster looked at him: "You're sure that the person is in Nebula Academy?"

"Yes, my teacher said that he's here, so he will be here . "

"But . . . "

The headmaster's eyebrows twisted as he continued speaking: "You don't even know what special characteristics this person has . You just know that she is a sixteen year old girl, and there are thousands of sixteen year old female students in the academy . It's just impossible to find her . "

The headmaster's stuttered: "That's what your teacher told you? He just told you to come to the Nebula Academy to look for a sixteen year old girl?"

Mo Chen looked up at the sky and replied lightly: "When the phoenix star is seen, the foreign soul has entered . She came from afar, through the heavens and skies, to be the king of the world . "

When he had finished speaking, he was silent as the headmaster pondered over his words . He looked at the headmaster and said: "These are the words from my teacher . We have to find this person . "

He didn't mention that his teacher also told him something else . Something that concerned him and her… . .

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