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3225 The First Person

Feng Jiu stood at a distance away and listened to the discussions between the people around her. She watched the old woman begging the people in the pharmacy who were indifferent to her pleas. As the sky got darker, the people watching dispersed one after another leaving only the old woman crying and begging. At this time, she walked forward on her crutch.

“What’s wrong with your son?” Feng Jiu asked as she looked at the sad and helpless old woman.

When the old woman heard her voice, she looked up and saw a person who looked like a beggar. She wiped her tears, her voice was hoarse and weak with despair and death in her eyes: “I don’t know what his illness is, the doctors haven’t been able to diagnose his illness. Nobody is willing to save him, nobody wants to help us…”

At this point, she had already made up her mind to die with her son if he were to die. After all, all her relatives were dead and it was meaningless for her, an old woman, to be alive.

“I can save him, take me there!” Feng Jiu said and reached out to help the old woman up.

Perhaps it was because the old woman was at the point of despair, so her eyes lit up when she heard this: “You can save my son? Are you a doctor? No, no, you must be an immortal with great abilities. You must be an immortal in disguise.”

As if she was trying to comfort herself and give herself the last hope, she didn’t question Feng Jiu’s identity or abilities. On the contrary, she saw her as a healer, an immortal who could save her son.

So just like that, she took Feng Jiu home. After Feng Jiu left with her, a middle-aged man came out of the pharmacy and shook his head. He looked in the direction they had gone and sighed: “Who can save someone who is on their deathbed?”

The shop assistant in the store also came out and glanced at the person walking away and said with a smile: “Doctor Lu, the beggar actually said that he can be saved. She must be trying to get a foothold in the city! Who in the city doesn’t know that Doctor Lu has the best medical skills? How can a beggar save a person you can’t even cure?”

On the other side, Feng Jiu followed the old woman back to her home. It was a small, simple courtyard with many things piled up messily in the courtyard. There were several rooms in the courtyard, and the old woman led her into one of the rooms. They came to a person lying on the bed.

“He is my son. Immortal, hurry up and examine my son. You must save him, he is a filial child. If he dies, what’s the point of me living?”

The old woman was weeping, her voice sad and helpless. It was the despair of an elderly mother of having nowhere to ask for help that had led her to thinking of dying with her son.

Feng Jiu comforted her and said: “Don’t worry, I will examine him first. Bring me a basin of clean water!”

“Yes.” The old woman replied and wiped her tears as she walked outside.

Feng Jiu glanced at the person lying on the bed and observed that he was a man in his thirties. He was so thin that he barely resembled a human. He was currently sleeping, and his breathing was extremely shallow.

After she had checked his pulse, she was slightly surprised and took her hand back. When the old woman returned with the basin of clean water, she washed her hands and asked: “Did he become like that after he went on a mission?”

The old woman nodded: “Yes, this happened because of a mission. My son has been in a mercenary team for a few years. He has suffered minor injuries in the past, but never as serious as this time.”

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