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3125 True Form

“No, don’t!” He knew instinctively that the young man wasn’t joking and actually had the audacity to kill him.

“Antidote, this is the antidote. If you don’t believe it, take a look. I’m also taking it. I’m taking it, too.” He quickly took out the real antidote, poured out one pill and swallowed it.

Feng Jiu looked at it briefly before taking it. She opened the bottle and took a whiff of it. After that, she turned around and gave the antidote to Mu Ling. “Give him the antidote.” However, when the man on the ground noticed Feng Jiu turning around, he unexpectedly pulled the dagger from his boots and rushed forward.

“Be careful!”

Gu Yue and others screamed. They rushed over, but not as quickly as the man with the dagger. Feng Jiu, however, hardly looked back. She only gave her opponent a sidelong glance, sidestepped, and then kicked her opponent to the ground.


Cloud Devouring Beast, who crouched on the tree at the time, roared angrily. It leapt from the tree, transformed into its true form, and pounced on the man who had fallen to the ground.

The man, who had blood in his mouth and a dagger in his hand, was about to stand up when suddenly Cloud Devouring Beast pressed down on him and snapped off his dagger-wielding hand.

“Hiss, ah! Aah…”

A blood-curdling scream rang out, and the smell of blood spread as the man’s arm was bitten and torn off. The bloodthirsty and ferocious scene terrified the cultivators who were about to come forward.


“Super, Super Sacred Beast!”

The disciples froze in terror. When Cloud Devouring Beast’s mighty pressure hit them, their legs turned to jelly. The mother beast on the tree also transformed as it saw Cloud Devouring Beast change into its true form.

Everyone was stunned and terrified as they watched another small beast transform into a seventh-grade sacred beast.

After seeing the two Cloud Devouring Beasts, Mu Ling and others finally understood why they didn’t encounter ferocious beasts on their journey this time. With such two powerful ferocious beasts following them, which ferocious beast would charge blindly to pounce on them?

After witnessing the violent and bloody scene in which the man’s arm was ripped off from his robe, the onlookers were shaken with fear.

How terrible! After a mere disagreement, it tore people apart. How could a human being endure being torn and chewed by a sacred beast? The man also asked for his own death; it was clear that the other didn’t attack him, but he showed no mercy. He brought disaster to himself. Who could he blame now that he was in such a predicament?

Cloud Devouring Beast stepped on the man and pushed him to the ground. It looked at the screaming, pale, and terrified man on the ground and asked Feng Jiu, “Master, how to execute this man?”

When it opened its mouth, it immediately asked how to execute this man. It was clear that it was unconcerned about the man’s life. No one said much because they thought it would be better to say less in front of the super-immortal beast.

“Don’t. Please don’t kill me. I’m a disciple of the Four Immortal Sects. As disciples of the Four Immortal Sects, we can’t kill each other…”

The man begged for mercy in a trembling voice, enduring the pain of his torn arm. He would not have attacked this man if he had known he was so abnormal.

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