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Chapter 2169: Missed the mark

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The crowd in the front were fighting. Cloud Devouring Beast dealt with the Immortal Sacred Strong Exponent and Leng Hua and others confronted the rest of the cultivators. Yang Xiao Er watched the situation from inside the Heavenly Pill Tower. The stirring battle on both sides made her worried.

At this time, a cultivator caught a glimpse of a figure hiding near the door. A killing intent flashed in his eyes. He turned the sword in his hand and attacked Yang Xiao Er with the sword intent.

When the killing intent came, Yang Xiao Er cried out in fear and fell down. The killing intent just narrowly missed her and went over the top of her head, causing her to break out in cold sweat.

“You, you tried to kill me?”

Stunned, she stared at the friar with rounded eyes. She was only in her teens and also a woman. Her strength was not as good as theirs. This cultivator was at least a Nascent Soul Strong Exponent. How could he target her? How shameless!

She thought this cultivator was very brazen! In her anger, she forgot her fear. She clenched her hands tightly into fists and stared angrily at the cultivator who was stopped by a Feng Guard. She gritted her teeth, took out the heavy bow, and hid at the gate. She pulled the heavy bow in her hand and aimed at the cultivator who attacked her earlier.

Since the cultivator was fighting one of the Feng Guards, the two figures kept moving. While Yang Xiao Er targeted the cultivator, she was also worried about injuring the Feng Guard. So, her bow and arrow also followed their movements. When she caught an opportunity, her face gleamed with joy and she immediately released the arrow.


As the arrow flew out with a whooshing sound, at the same time, the cultivator dodged to avoid the Feng Guard’s attack. By this strange combination of events, he also avoided the arrow. Yang Xiao Er was chagrined, but then she opened her mouth wide in amazement.

Because, although the arrow missed the man she targeted, it struck a cultivator behind him who was exchanging blows with another Feng Guard. The long arrow penetrated his back and the cultivator turned stiff. When he looked down at the sharp arrow penetrating his back, his eyes stared wide with unwillingness. He did not have the chance to turn back, because the Feng Guard swung his sword directly and cut his head off.

Seeing this, Yang Xiao Er gulped and tightened the hand holding the heavy bow. After watching the bloody scene, she wondered if she would have nightmares at night.

She suppressed her fear and pulled her heavy bow again to aim at the man. This time, she had to shoot accurately!

The heavy bow was drawn and the arrow shot again. Since it was a magic artifact and so powerful, the shot was naturally great. While hiding inside and aiming at the cultivators outside, she was supposed to be able to hit the target. However, this shot missed the target again and hit another cultivator.

Seeing that she narrowly passed the Feng Guard and shot another cultivator in the shoulder, Yang Xiao Er wiped a cold sweat. It would be terrible if she accidentally hurt a Feng Guard.

Two arrows were shot, killing one and injuring another. It attracted the attention of several cultivators. They found the opportunity to get close to the door of the Heavenly Pill Tower and intended to attack Yang Xiao Er. Leng Hua, who noticed this, retreated quickly after killing a cultivator. He reached Yang Xiao Er’s side and blocked one of the cultivators who attacked her.

“Come inside! Don’t get out!”

Leng Hua shouted, telling her to hurry in.. After all, she simply couldn’t fight with the cultivators outside with her strength.

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