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Chapter 2161: Lightning Tribulation

“Hoo! Boom!”

The strong air current sucked the pill furnace up and after it flew up into midair, there was a loud rumbling sound. The medicinal ingredients inside the pill furnace were scorched in an instant, and was accompanied by a powerful bluster as it shot out of the pill furnace and headed towards the audience who were standing one hundred metres away.

Everyone was smiling in glee when they saw that the young boy’s pill furnace had exploded. However, when they saw the black medicine dregs headed in their direction, they exclaimed.


They stepped backwards and dodged, but some people were still unable to avoid being splashed by the scattered medicine dregs. The medicine dregs were very black and it’s consistency was paste-like, it was quite an eye-sore as it stuck to their robes. The burnt smell was even more unpleasant.


At this moment, the pill furnace that had been in midair fell back to the ground and smashed a large whole in the ground. The loud bang it created was so loud that everyone’s eardrums shook for a moment.

“Hmph! Damn it! Did that kid do it on purpose? What kind of medicine dregs are these? It stinks!”

Someone cursed in a low voice as he looked at the medicine dregs on his clothes in disgust.

At the front, Feng Jiu was also startled when she saw the burnt medicinal ingredients. She looked in surprise and wondered: Where did I go wrong? The steps are correct!

She stepped forward and set the pill furnace in place. When she saw that there were no more medicinal ingredients inside the pill furnace, she raised her hand and started again. She didn’t believe that she could go wrong if she followed the steps, she would try it again!

On the other side, when the Pharmacy Division Peak Master saw the young boy’s pill furnace fly into midair and then fall back down but didn’t explode, he was a little surprised. In order to refine sixth order pills, ordinary pill furnaces wouldn’t work. He had been searching for a long time but he hadn’t expected this young boy to have such a good pill furnace.

However, upon seeing the young boy’s failed attempt at pill refining, he was not surprised either. If sixth order pills were so easy to refine, then the Barrier Breaking Violet Heart Pill wouldn’t be the most difficult sixth order pill to refine.

He cast those thoughts out of his mind and concentrated on refining. When he saw that the spirit herbs in his cauldron had melted together and gradually emitted a strong medicine fragrance, he couldn’t help but feel happy. That was great, it looked like he would be able to succeed at the first attempt!

However, due to the fluctuations in his mood, the fire control became uneven. A burnt smell spread out in an instant. When he smelt the burnt smell, his face darkened.

Damn it! He was too careless! In a moment of distraction where his mood had fluctuated, the fire burnt the pill inside the pill furnace. Upon seeing the burnt furnace of pill, he felt heartbroken!

On the other side, the Sect Master and the others look at the Pharmacy Division Peak Master in surprise. Did he also fail? It seems that it was not easy to refine a sixth order pill after all. However, there was still a long time before sunset!

Having seen that neither of them had been successful in refining the pill, some of the audience closed their eyes to practice, while others closed their eyes and rested…

As time passed, Feng Jiu failed again and again, while the Pharmacy Division Peak Master failed twice. He was extremely careful with his third furnace of medicine pill, and when he saw that the pill was about to condense, he didn’t dare to be careless. He stared at it carefully until the faint clouds in the sky stirred, lightning flashed, and thunder loomed.

“Look! It’s a lighting tribulation! The Pharmacy Division Peak Master has been successful with his pill refining!”

When the surrounding audience saw this scene, they looked at the sky thunder that had formed in the sky in surprise. As soon as their voices fell, they heard a loud bang and thunder shot down from the clouds…


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