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Chapter 2160: Learning Alchemy

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Everyone who was observing from a distance were shocked when they saw the difference between the two of them.

“What on earth is that young boy doing? Is he reading the book to look for information?”

“Surely not. Is he learning alchemy right before the competition? How can he dare to challenge the Pharmacy Division Peak Master like this? Is his brain alright?”

It’s obvious that he will lose before he even competes. I think that he has come here to fool around, chey! He’s even used himself as a stake, surely it’s not because he likes Senior Sister Bai that’s why he wants to stay by Senior Sister Bai’s side?”

Song Ming glanced at the people who were gossiping and looked away with a faint smile. Although it looked like Feng Jiu had never had any pill refining before in the past, however, with her talent, how could she not be able to refine it?

Just wait till they see the final result! He believed that in the end, she would surprise everyone and show unexpected results to everyone!

Bai Qingcheng couldn’t help but sneered as she watched the young boy sitting there flipping through the book. She knew that he would lose! The Barrier Breaking Violet Heart Pill was the most difficult sixth order pill to refine, he probably hadn’t even heard of this pill at his age!

The Sect Master and the other Peak Masters sat there watching and they felt that this young boy was bound to lose. How could an alchemist who needed to research information from a book be able to refine a good pill? What’s more, this was a sixth order pill, not just this young boy, but even if the Three Great Immortal Sect Pharmacy Division Peak Masters were to compete against Elder Ye, they would also not be his opponent.

Over there, Feng Jiu had turned to the page that recorded the information about the Barrier Breaking Violet Heart Pill, after she had read the pill refining steps and the required spirit herbs, she read it once again and then wrote it down. Then, she took out the spirit herbs from space and placed it on the rectangular table beside her.

She also took out an Ancient Divine Reaper Cauldron that she had obtained a long time ago and threw it forward. The small grey cauldron spun around and gradually grew bigger before it landed steadily on the ground.

She waved her hand and a cluster of natal flames flew into the bottom of the cauldron. The flames leaped out from the bottom of the cauldron and instantly surrounded the entire Divine Reaper Cauldron. At the next moment, a strong spiritual energy breath radiated from within the cauldron and the flames surrounding the cauldron burned stronger. When the spirit energy breath spread, and the flames burned, arrays appeared within the cauldron.

Feng Jiu’s eyes moved slightly when she watched this scene. This was not the first time she had used the Divine Reaper Cauldron, all the pills in Heavenly Pill Tower had been refined in the Divine Reaper Cauldron. According to legends, pills made from the Divine Reaper Cauldron were of the best quality.

This was the first time she had refined the Barrier Breaking Violet Heart Pill, she knew in her heart that there was a possibility that she wouldn’t be able to successfully refine it the first time. Although it was the morning at the moment, and they had until sunset to refine the pill, she knew that it was not easy to finish refining a sixth order pill in such a short time.

The Divine Reaper Cauldron could shorten the refining time and reduce the chance of failure. Moreover, she had said that she would only come out for two days and then she would return. Today was already the second day, so once the pill had been successfully refined, she would have to leave immediately.

As she thought of this, she discarded the distracting thoughts from her head and focused on refining the pill. In the first attempt, she had followed the steps that were recorded in the book without any mistakes. However, an hour later, when she was about to add the last few ingredients, she realised that something was wrong.

She felt a powerful air current rotating from within the pill furnace, as if it was about to blow up. Just as she was about to take a step forward to take a look, the whole pill furnace suddenly flew up in the air.

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