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Chapter 2159: Barrier Breaking Violet Heart Pill

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“Barrier Breaking Violet Heart Pill!”

“Hiss! Barrier Breaking Violet Heart Pill? That is the most difficult sixth order medicinal pill to refine.”

“This Barrier Breaking Violet Heart Pill is an important pill that can aid Peak Level Immortal Sacred strong exponents to eradicate any karmic hindrances as they advance into the Immortal Venerable level! It is very difficult for Immortal Sacred cultivators to break through and advance, and many cultivators have been unable to break through and advance to the Immortal Sacred level because they are unable to eradicate the karmic hindrances. If they have the Barrier Breaking Violet Heart Pill, that’s different.”

“However, it seems that even our own Master has never refined a Barrier Breaking Violet Heart Pill before…”

“What are you worried about? If our Master can’t refine the pill, then it will be even more impossible for the young boy to be able to refine the pill. Besides, our Master has been studying this Barrier Breaking Violet Heart Pill for some time, so he will have the upper hand anyway.”


When the Pharmacy Division Peak Master heard the discussion amongst the disciples that had gathered there to watch the competition, he coughed lightly and glanced at them coldly. He looked at the young boy in azure robes next and saw the young boy had one hand on his chin and looked deep in thought. His lips moved slightly and he seemed to hear faint whispers coming from the young boy’s mouth.

“What is this Breaking Barrier Violet Heart Pill? Why does it sound familiar?” Feng Jiu whispered to herself as she pondered upon where she had heard the name of the pill before.

When the Pharmacy Division Peak Master heard Feng Jiu’s whisper, the corners of his mouth twitched. This young boy didn’t even know what kind of medicinal pill the Breaking Barrier Violet Heart Pill was? How could he even compete with him? Luckily, he had been studying the Breaking Barrier Violet Heart Pill for some time, so he should be able to refine it today.

The Sect Master looked at the expressions on the faces of the both of them, then he looked up at the sky and said: “It is now between seven and nine in the morning, the competition will end between the hours of five and seven in the late afternoon! It just so happens that it will be sunset by then. Regardless of who is quicker at pill refining, we will only test the final result of the pills and determine whose is superior. Do the two of you have any objections?”

“I have no objection.” Feng Jiu said.

Upon seeing this, the Pharmacy Division Peak Master also said: “I have no objections either.”

“Alright, you may be…” Before the Sect Master could finish speaking, the young boy in azure robes looked at him. He stopped involuntarily and asked: “Is there anything else?”

“Yes.” Feng Jiu smiled and nodded. She said: “I will provide my own medicinal ingredients for refining the pill.”

“Alright.” The Sect Master nodded, but he was also secretly surprised. There were a lot of medicinal ingredients required to refine the Barrier Breaking Violet Heart Pill, some of the medicinal ingredients were also more precious, did he have them?

“You may begin!” The Sect Master said, and ordered people to place an hourglass at the side so that they could keep track of the time.

The surrounding people retreated, even the Sect Master had stepped aside from the centre so that the two of them were the main focal point. There was no one standing within a hundred metres of them. Atop the vast medicine peak, there were only two figures standing there.

About one hundred metres away, everyone stood watching without interfering with each other.

Once the time had started, the Pharmacy Division Peak Master took out his alchemy furnace and began to select medicinal ingredients. The two of them worked alone, there was no medicine boy to assist them. Whether it was picking medicinal ingredients or handling medicinal ingredients, or controlling the fire and wind of the alchemy furnace, they did it by themselves.

While the Pharmacy Division Peak Master had already started, Feng Jiu found a place to sit down and took out an ancient book with various prescriptions from space and looked at it.

She remembered that she had read the prescription and the refining method of the Barrier Breaking Violet Heart Pill before. It should be in this book. She would study it first, then she would be able to prepare to refine the pill later.

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