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Chapter 2127: Nuclear Shock

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Upon hearing this, Zhuo Chuhui’s face sank. His sharp gaze swept towards the gray-clothed old man and he spoke, his deep voice engulfed with powerful pressure: “You scheme against our Zhuo Family and you dare to come to our manor to cause trouble? Do you think that we Zhuo Family can be easily trifled with?”

As soon as his majestic voice fell, his figure moved and he attacked suddenly. Between the punch he struck out was a powerful airflow from his body that rushed out and the palm wind hit out towards the gray-clothed old man.

The gray-clothed old man couldn’t help but backed away instinctively and tried to block the attack with his hand when he saw the sudden attack. However, after the exchange of blows between the two men, he was ultimately unable to dodge the blow and was hit in the chest by his opponent’s palm.


“Umph! Puff!”

The gray-clothed old man grunted and spurted out a mouthful of blood after he was hit by the heavy blow. He couldn’t help but stagger, and retreated. It wasn’t until he bumped into the person behind him that he was able to steady himself, but then, he fell to the ground in embarrassment. He looked up in shock and saw that the person in front of him had clasped his hands behind him and shouted with a solemn expression.

“Get lost! If you dare to come again, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

The deep voice spread majestically and the powerful coercion that accompanied the voice shook the surrounding people backwards, none of them dared to step forward.

The gray-clothed old man clutched his chest and looked at Zhuo Chuhui unwillingly, then he flicked his sleeves and shouted: “Let’s go!” Supported by two cultivators, he left quickly.

After they had left, the people that had surrounded the Zhuo Manor also dispersed, leaving only some family clans and people in the city who watched in astonishment.

“When was there such a powerful person in the Zhuo Family? I’ve never heard of him before!”

“That’s right! Who is this person? Why have we never heard of him before?”

“Didn’t you hear Zhuo Family Patriarch address him as elder brother earlier? Have you forgotten? There is an elder son in the Zhuo Family who lives in the West Manor.”

“Oh? Yes yes, isn’t Zhuo Family Patriarch’s elder brother called Zhuo Chuhui? But I heard that his abilities are quite ordinary and he has never shown any outstanding qualities over the years. It’s so unexpected, he is actually a man of many faces!”

“Fortunately the Zhuo Family’s elder brother has such strength, didn’t you see how dangerous it was earlier? If Zhuo Family Patriarch was to be hit, he would be seriously injured even if he didn’t die. The Hou Family don’t just want to take over some of their business, they want to annihilate the Zhuo Family.”

“Yes, it was so unexpected that the Zhuo Family Elder has such a formidable hidden power. His strength is no doubt the strongest in the Zhuo Family? I remember that Zhuo Senior Patriarch hasn’t advanced for many years now, and the strength of Zhuo Family Patriarch is early-stage Immortal Sacred level, it seems that Zhuo Family Elder’s strength surpasses both of them.”

“It’s strange that someone who possesses such immense power would actually live in the West Manor of the Zhuo Manor hidden away from the rest of the world. If it weren’t for today, many people would have forgotten that there was such a person in the Zhuo Family.”

The people outside the manor were discussing the events of the day as they walked away. At the door of the Zhuo Manor, Zhuo Chuhui glanced at Zhuo Zhenglin and said: “If you still have things to deal with you should go! I will go back first.” As soon as he had spoken, he started walking back towards the manor. However, after taking a few steps, he was called.

“Elder brother, wait.” Zhuo Zhenglin called out to him and strode over to him: “Elder brother, let’s talk!”

At this moment, the clan elders on the side looked at each other and also walked forward and came to Zhuo Chuhui…

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