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Chapter 2120: Four Immortal Emperors

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Feng Jiu’s eyes flashed when she heard his answer. She stared at Sage Hun Yuan for a while, with her lips slightly curved, showing an inexplicable smile. “Is your status in the Nebula Immortal Sect really not low?”

“That’s for sure!” He straightened his chest, raised his chin, stroked his beard, and said proudly. “Not just in the Nebula Immortal Sect, the other four sects all know me.”

“Where’s your cultivation strength now at? Immortal Venerable Peak stage?” She asked.

Although Feng Jiu said nothing, the old man kept staring at her when he heard this question. “Do you mean to despise the old man’s low strength? I tell you, not everyone can reach the level of Immortal Venerable Peak. How many old monsters failed and died during the Lightning Tribulation when they entered the Immortal Venerable level. Just a few people of our generation reached our level. Of course, we don’t count those devilry cultivators who don’t follow the right path.”

“Then you must have stayed at the peak stage of the Immortal Venerable for a long time, right? Can’t you advance? ” Feng Jiu smiled and stared at him. There’s some unknown meaning in her smile.

When the old man saw that she looked down on him, he immediately snorted, “Do you think it is so simple to advance from the Immortal Venerable to the Immortal Emperor? You know, very few cultivators in the Upper Continent possess the strength of the Immortal Emperor level.”

“Oh? Very few? That is to say, they do exist.”

She nodded thoughtfully. Immortal Venerable was above Immortal Sacred, while Immortal Emperor was above Immortal Venerable. Her current strength was at the Immortal Sacred Peak stage. The only Immortal Venerable she had ever met was the old man. As for Immortal Emperor, she had never seen one and she had no idea who had this strength.

“Of course they do exist. Why not? Forget the foreign lands beyond our Upper Continent. On this continent alone, the old man knows four Immortal Emperors, and those four are…”

When he was about to say it, seeing her waiting for his next sentence, he then started laughing mischievously. “I’m not telling you.”

After waiting for a long time without getting an answer, still seeing him chuckles in a low voice, Feng Jiu’s lips twitched. “Do you think I won’t find it out if I check?” As she said that, she looked at him. “Don’t you have something to deal with? Why aren’t you going?”

“Well! The old man will tell you the answer the next time we meet. I’m leaving now. Just let that dull guy Junyue know later. The old man will go directly to your Heavenly Pill Tower to find you instead of coming here.” He knew that she probably wouldn’t be here when he’s done.

“Mm hmm, see you later.” She nodded.

The old man left at ease. It seemed that she wouldn’t hide from him. After he finished his work, he would go to Hundred Rivers City to see what Heavenly Pill Tower was like.

After the old man left, Feng Jiu went outside and found a maid waiting outside the courtyard. She asked the maid to bring some food. After a simple meal, as she was about to go to Zhuo Junyang’s yard, Zhuo Junyue came in.

“Where is he?” Zhuo Junyue didn’t see the old man and felt it odd.

“The old man has left in advance. He asked me to let you know. ” Feng Jiu answered while walking out. “Let’s go! We’re going to see your little brother.”

Hearing that the old man was gone, Zhuo Junyue didn’t ask any more questions. He looked at Feng Jiu, who started leaving the courtyard, he took a slight pause. “I went out to look for the three herbs today.. After searching all over the city, I still didn’t find where those three herbs are available.”

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