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Chapter 2116: The Command Token

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“How you talk! Would I say that if it hasn’t happened? I heard the injury is very serious. Think about it! How could Black Market’s power get suppressed so much these days if its master is not in such bad shape?”

“Yes, the black market has always had a strong influence here, but I didn’t expect it to get into such a difficult situation as this one. I’m afraid that if its master’s health doesn’t get better and get through this crisis, Black Market will also be destroyed.”

After listening to this, Feng Jiu thought for a moment and asked, “Brothers, did you hear which forces are fighting against Black Market? What other forces can compete with Black Forces here? As far as I know, the master of Black Master has unfathomable strength. How can he be easily injured? Is there any inside information?”

“We also have no idea. We won’t know about it if the news didn’t come out. In my opinion, even Black Market’s people don’t necessarily know what’s going on. I reckon that only those key figures know the whole story! However, people who can become Black Market’s key figures have to be people with some skills. Nobodies like us are not qualified to meet them.”

The man smiled, took a sip of the wine, and looked at Feng Jiu. “Little Brother, why are you so concerned about Black Market? Are you a person from the Black Market?” With that, he examined Feng Jiu from top to bottom.

Feng Jiu smiled. “With my strength, how can I be Black Market’s person? I was just curious when I listened to you. As several of you have already said, Black Market has a certain degree of stability here, so I was astonished that many of their markets have been destroyed.”

Several of them laughed when they heard that and started chatting with Feng Jiu. After a while, Feng Jiu left first. Instead of going back to Zhuo’s Mansion, she walked around the city and walked into a shop selling medicine.

“Young Master, what would you like to order?” The medicine boy greeted her.

Feng Jiu glanced at him and asked, “Where’s your shopkeeper?”

“The shopkeeper is inside! What business do you have, Young Master?” The medicine boy looked at the young man dressed in azure in surprise.

“Mm, please call him for me!” She answered, walking about the store while looking at the medicine.

The medicine boy went inside and spoke to the shopkeeper who was classifying the medicine. “Shopkeeper, there is a young man in azure outside, saying that he is looking for you.”

When the shopkeeper heard this, he replied, “I see. You go out first. I’ll come out after I’ve finished working here.” The shopkeeper sorted the medicine in front of him and then came out.

When he came outside, he saw a young man in azure looking about at the store. It was not certain what he was looking at. When he saw the person’s face, the shopkeeper also had some doubts.

He didn’t know this person, ah! Was he perhaps not looking for him but looking for medicine? When he thought of this, the shopkeeper stepped forward and asked with a smile, “Young Master, what kind of medicine do you need?”

Feng Jiu looked back at the shopkeeper. “Are you the shopkeeper here?”

“Yes. I’m the shopkeeper here. What can I do for you?” He smiled.

Feng Jiu flipped her hand and revealed the command token on her palm.

The shopkeeper, who was smiling at her, was so surprised to see the command token that his eyes opened wide in disbelief. “You, you …”

“Let’s find another place to talk.”

“Yes, yes..” The shopkeeper suppressed his shock and hurriedly asked her to go inside.

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