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Chapter 2114: A nobody

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“It’s a long story. I’ll tell you later when I have time. Let’s go! Don’t keep Father and Mother waiting too long. ” Zhuo Junyue said as he pushed the wheelchair and walked outside.

Zhuo Yuzhen did not speak anymore and just thought quietly. Zhuo Junyang changed the topic and asked about what his big brother had encountered when he went out this time…

In the front courtyard of the West Manor, eight delicious and attractive dishes, as well as two jars of wine, were arranged on top of the round table. Several people sat around the table. The atmosphere seemed relaxed and cheerful.

“Young Miss Feng, when you get here, just make yourself at home. You can eat whatever you want. Don’t stand on ceremony with us. ” Zhuo Chuhui smiled and poured wine for her and Sage Hun Yuan.

Zhuo Junyang and Zhuo Yuzhen were stunned when they heard their father called the young man in azure ‘Miss’. Zhuo Junyang once again turned his gaze to the young man sitting next to Sage Hun Yuan. No matter how he looked and scrutinised, that person was indeed a young man! How could this be…

“Brother Feng, are you a woman? Then, should I call you Sister Feng?” Zhun Yuzhen was even more direct. After hearing his father’s words, she directly asked Feng Jiu.

“Mm hmm, I’m a woman. I’m disguised as a man just to make it convenient for me to act and move.” Feng Jiu sipped the wine and smiled at her.

“I can’t see it.” Zhuo Yuzhen said with a surprise on her face.


Feng Jiu coughed softly. She had no idea how to respond to it. Was she too manly? Fine! It’s not the first time she’s been mistaken when she’s out there, anyway.

“Hehe, she’s not feminine, so when your big brother and I first met her, we didn’t know she was a woman.” The old man smiled with his eyes narrowed and glanced at Feng Jiu, then picked up a piece of meat and ate it.

Father and Mother Zhuo smiled at each other and asked them to eat more. Although there were only eight dishes, each dish had a big portion. In the end, everyone was full and there were still several dishes left.

“I have the guest rooms ready. You can rest assured to stay here! Usually, our West Manor is relatively quiet. Nobody will disturb.” Mother Zhuo smiled and invited a maid to take them to the guest rooms to have a rest.

Their journey back was a little tiring. Now that they had had enough to eat and drink, they naturally wanted to lie down and have a good rest. So, they followed the maid to the guest rooms, ready to take a nap first, and then went to East Manor together in the evening.

After arriving at the guest rooms, the old man fell asleep directly, while Feng Jiu had the hot water prepared and took a bath before going to bed to rest. She hadn’t touched the bed for a long time. Now as soon as she relaxed, she fell asleep immediately…

Since the two guests went to sleep at noon, Zhuo Junyue’s family went to the front hall. Nobody knew what they discussed inside. Until the evening, when the East Manor sent someone to invite them, they asked Zhuo Junyue to wake Sage Hun Yuan and Feng Jiu.

The old man recalled that there was a banquet in the East Manor, so he woke up when Zhuo Junyue knocked on the door. He cleaned up casually and went out of the door. On the other hand, when Zhuo Junyue knocked on Feng Jiu’s door, there was only a sleepy voice answering from inside.

“Don’t knock on my door. Go ahead! I’m not going. Don’t forget that I’m just here to follow the old man. It’s convenient not to go..” Feng Jiu, who was resting in bed holding the quilt, didn’t even open her eyes.

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