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Chapter 2113: Trustworthy

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“Yes! That’s why I said those herbs are difficult to find!” Feng Jiu smiled candidly and looked at Zhuo Junyue. “Are you sure you can find them?”

Zhuo Junyue looked up at her smiling eyes and answered in a low voice. “I have to find it no matter what. As long as there is a chance, I will not give up.” As long as his little brother could stand, he would grab any chance!

Those words warmed Zhuo Junyang’s heart. He looked at his usually reticent big brother and told him a smile. “It’s alright, Big Brother. I’m used to it.”

“Don’t worry, Big Brother will get all the medicine you need.” He reached out and patted him on the shoulder. “There’s nothing to worry about.”

Zhuo Junyang didn’t say anything and only smiled. He knew that since his big brother had already spoken, he would definitely do it. But, could he really stand?

His gaze fell on his legs. After reading so many medical books, he still had no idea about what had happened to his legs. But, after the young man named Feng Jiu just had a look and took his pulse, he already understood his symptoms. To tell the truth, he was rather surprised.

Were this young man’s medical skills really that good?

Zhuo Yuzhen remarked happily. “Great, Second Brother’s legs can be treated. My parents will be very happy to know the news.” As she said that, she looked at the crowd and said, “Second Brother, Grandfather, Brother Feng, let’s go! The meal should be ready.”

“Let’s go, have the meal.” The old man nodded immediately. He turned around and pulled Feng Jiu to leave while telling the other three behind him, “The three of you, catch up soon.”

Seeing the two of them leave the small courtyard, Zhuo Junyang asked, “Big Brother, is Young Master Feng really has amazing medical skills? Where is he from?? Where did you meet?”

Zhuo Junyue only told his siblings after making sure the two had already left. “He is our grandfather’s disciple. I met him some time ago, but only recently did I learn that his Master is our grandfather.”

Noticing the amazement on his younger siblings’ faces, he spoke slowly. “I went to Grandmother after seeing our parents, but only a few of us knew about it. My uncle didn’t know about it. Now, I just want to tell you that he is indeed a capable person. Don’t treat him like an ordinary person.”

After a pause, he looked at his little brother. “Since he said your legs can be cured, they can definitely be cured. His medical skills are excellent. I trust him.”

The two younger siblings were stunned for a long time before they came to their senses. In fact, they knew something about the relationship between their family and the East Mansion. Their parents did not tell them much before. They only knew about it vaguely but never asked. Now, their big brother told them about it, which made them both surprised and relieved.

It turned out that she was their grandfather’s disciple. No wonder.

Really capable physicians rarely came to their door in this way. His willingness to come should have been because of their grandmother. That’s why he came to treat him!

Thinking of this, he put down his worries. Since they knew this person’s details, it would be fine.

Big Brother, didn’t our grandfather die many years ago?” Zhuo Yuzhen asked in a whisper. She was very curious.. It’s obvious that the young man dressed in azure looked no older than her. How could he become their grandfather’s disciple?

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