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Chapter 2105: Information

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When he saw that she had stopped talking, the old man touched his beard and coughed slightly: “Although I don’t have a disciple, my expectations are quite high. Though he is quite talented, he doesn’t meet my expectations, so, hehe…”

Feng Jiu sat quietly and ignored him. The old man got bored and stopped talking.

At the same time, in the main courtyard of the West Manor, Zhuo Chuhui was talking to his wife when he saw a familiar figure out of the corner of his eye walking in. When they saw the person walking in, they were stunned.

“Junyue? You’re back?” The both of them stood up and walked over to their eldest son: “Didn’t you go out for an experience with Sage Hun Yuan? Why did you come back suddenly? Is something wrong?”

“Father, Mother.” Zhuo Junyue bowed to the two of them respectfully and greeted them. He looked at his parents and paused slightly before saying: ” I came back because something happened.”

“What happened? Did you run into trouble on the outside? Or did Sage Hun Yuan send you back?” His mother asked worriedly. She looked at her son who hadn’t been home in a long time and her heart ached: “Have you suffered living on the outside? Look at you, you’re lost weight.”

“Mother, I am fine.” Zhuo Junyue said. For a moment, he was at a loss for words.

Upon seeing this, his father asked: “What’s the reason for that? Why did you come back?”

He looked at the worried faces of his parents, he took a deep breath and said in a steady voice: “Father, Mother, I have news of Grandfather.”

Upon hearing this, they were both taken aback: “What, what?”

“Grandfather, I have news of Grandfather, my Grandfather.” He said slowly as he looked at his dazed father: “I went to the Volcanic Forest with Sage Hun Yuan and met my Grandfather’s disciple. From her, I found out information about Grandfather, so this time…”

He spoke slowly and told them briefly what he had found out. He looked at his father who had been in a daze for a long time and said: ” She said that Grandfather’s wish was to know how his children and grandchildren were doing, so she wanted to come here on behalf of Grandfather.”

He paused for a moment: “Furthermore, Grandmother asked me to tell her if I had news. I’ve come back this time to see Grandmother.”

Zhuo Chuhui listened blankly, unable to comprehend how he was feeling. He had finally gotten news about his father? Father? He was familiar to him and yet so strange at the same time.

His body was flowing with his father’s blood, however, he had never met his father before and he had never known anything about his father either. All he knew was that whenever his mother thought of his father, she would be inconsolable.

Now that they finally had information about his father, and his father’s disciple had come to see them on his behalf instead of his father. When he heard this, he couldn’t help but smile: “Haha, there’s actually news about him?”

His laughter was so sad. Though his lips bore a smile, his expression looked even worse than if he had been crying.

“My husband, in that case, let’s go and take a look!” Zhuo Junyue’s mother said softly and she patted Zhuo Chuhui’s hand gently in silent comfort.

“Let’s go! After we have seen him we will go and see Mother..” Zhuo Chuhui said. He took a deep breath and suppressed his emotions, and after he had gathered his thoughts, he looked at his eldest son and asked: “Is Sage Hun Yuan also in the front of the Manor?”

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