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Chapter 2074: What’s the reason?

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While they were still in shock, the other Immortal Grass had also moved quietly from behind and pulled itself up just like the other plant had and squeezed into Feng Jiu’s clothes.

Upon seeing this scene, the three of them didn’t react for a long time. As they had been sitting by the rock and hadn’t moved, the people above didn’t pay any attention to them. Therefore, besides the three of them, no one else had witnessed that strange scene.

The old man stared at Feng Jiu and said: “Tell me, what just happened?”

Feng Jiu lowered her head and looked at the two Immortal Grass plants that were hiding in the folds of her clothes and hid them in space and planted them in the medicinal field while no one had noticed. She spread her hands and said to the old man: “I don’t know either! Didn’t you say that these Dazzling Fire Grass plants don’t give birth to medicinal spirits? Now you’re asking me, who should I ask?”

“This kind of thing has never happened before and I’ve never heard of it happening either.” Sage Hun Yuan stared at Feng Jiu while stroking his beard thoughtfully and said: “There must be something strange on you.”

Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu’s heart moved slightly: “What’s so strange? What strange thing could I possibly have on my body?” She had never encountered this sort of thing in the past before either! How could she possibly know what was wrong?


When the old man suggested that there was something strange on her, it reminded her of the primal chaos blue lotus in her dantian. However, that primal chaos blue lotus hadn’t given her any problems in a long time, surely this wouldn’t be related to it right now?

“The Immortal Grass is very spiritual and although it has no medicinal spirit, it is able to escape and move about because of its natural spirituality.” The old man muttered as he watched Feng Jiu: “Why though? Could it be because of the pure spiritual aura in you?”


Feng Jiu was taken aback and asked: “The spiritual aura in my body? Surely, surely not?”

She possessed the mystical spirit body and the spiritual energy in this body was extremely high. However, the extremely high degree of purity couldn’t have caused the spirit herb to pull itself out of the ground and hide in her arms, right?

“Forget it, it doesn’t matter. Let’s discuss what to do next!”

The old man said with a look of excitement and beckoned Zhuo Junyue to sit closer while he himself leaned over towards Feng Jiu. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw a lot of people staring at them. He turned his head and glared at them, then with a wave of his hand, he placed a soundproof barrier over them.

When the other people saw this, they were even more curious than ever at what those three people were talking about. However, the skills of those three people were just too weird. If it wasn’t necessary, they wouldn’t provoke them at all. Upon seeing the old man had set up a soundproof barrier, they looked away.

Sage Hun Yuan leaned in front of Feng Jiu at this time and smiled at her: “Girl, in that case, we don’t have to waste our efforts to look for the Immortal Grass. Tell you what! We will go round the back and find a place where there’s no one around and the two of us will guard you while you release some of the pure spiritual aura from your body. Maybe the Immortal Grass plants will come to us instead.”

Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu’s mouth twitched slightly: “How can this method work? If my spiritual breath can be used in this way, wouldn’t I have found loads of precious spirit herbs by now?

She knew that it was definitely because of the pure spiritual aura in her body. If anything, the most possible explanation would be the primal chaos blue lotus.

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