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Chapter 2073: Are You Not Mistaken

“Really? So you’re saying that we are somewhat similar? So how about it, will you consider accepting me again? You’ll have an advantage with me, the sacred symbol of the Immortal Sects as your disciple.” The old man looked at her expectedly.

Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu put her chin on her hand. She rolled her eyes and smiled: “Well, I’ll think about it.”

When he heard that there could be a chance, the old man got very excited: “Why do you need to consider? Let’s just decide upon it! Tell you what, I have some wine here, shall we have a few cups?”

Feng Jiu stopped him when she saw that he was really going to take his wine out: “Wait, have a look around your surroundings. Do you think it’s appropriate now? Let’s put this matter aside for now and discuss it later.”

“Hey, I’m just afraid that you will fool me again.” The old man sighed lightly and glanced at her: “Or, why don’t you teach me the mental cultivation method of the Tai Chi skill first?”

Feng Jiu smiled happily upon hearing this. Suddenly, her smile narrowed: “No.” She turned her head and looked to the other side. Her eyes fell on Zhuo Junyue’s body.

When the old man saw her staring at Zhuo Junyue, he knew she was trying to guess Zhuo Junyue’s life experience. He didn’t speak for a while and just took a few sips of wine from his wine gourd. Though his eyes were on the two of them, he was also paying attention to his surroundings out of the corners of his eyes.

When he caught a glimpse of the Dazzling Fire Grass moving quietly, he blinked excitedly at Feng Jiu and lowered his voice and motioned: “Look over there, that’s the Dazzling Fire Grass!”

Feng Jiu was slightly startled. She followed his gaze and saw a herbal medicine plant moving quietly not far from her.

Was it moving in this direction? She was taken aback for a moment, but when she took a closer look, the herbal plant really did look like it was moving towards her side.

Wasn’t it said that the Dazzling Fire Grass would run away fast when it saw people? Why was it coming to her side?

“Is that really the Immortal Grass? Are you definitely not mistaken?” She asked in a low voice.

“How can I be mistaken? That is the one. There are only two leaves on the fiery-red stem. The roots below are somewhat similar to the ginseng plant but they are fiery-red in colour instead… Sss!”

The old man spoke nonstop and finally gasped for air. His eyes widened: “You, look at it quickly! Another, another plant has appeared!”

Feng Jiu looked over and indeed, another Dazzling Fire Grass plant had surfaced from somewhere. She was shocked when she saw that it was also moving in her direction.

At this moment, the two Dazzling Fire Grass plants had reached her feet. The old man had a red rope ready to catch the plants but was stopped in his tracks by Feng Jiu’s look in her eyes.

After the Immortal Grass arrived at Feng Jiu’s feet, it used one of its two leaves to gently touch Feng Jiu’s feet. Its fiery-red stem even bent downwards and plucked its roots out and leapt into her arms. Just like the old man had said, its roots resembled the ginseng plant but were fiery-red in colour.


Feng Jiu’s eyes widened in astonishment and thought she must have been imagining things. However, when she looked again, the Immortal Grass had indeed jumped into her arms by itself and hid in the skirt of her clothes, revealing only its two small leaves. She was so shocked that she couldn’t figure out what was going on.

At that moment, the old man and Zhuo Junyue’s faces were also filled with shock. Did they really see this happen? How did this impossible thing suddenly happen?

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