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Chapter 2072: A Matter Of Principle

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When they saw the rubble falling from above, the three of them avoided it quickly. Zhuo Junyue had slipped a few metres downwards before he was able to stop when he lost his footing. At this time, the people above them who had deliberately kicked the rubble loose didn’t stop but became even more aggressive.

“These people are really wicked.” The old man said, frowning. He looked down: “Blockhead, how are you? Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Zhuo Junyue responded and continued to climb up.

However, Feng Jiu looked up and her eyes were cold. Her palm moved and a few silver needles shot out of her hands penetrated those people’s boots directly and pricked the soles of their feet silently.

“Ssss ah!”

A few breaths of exclamations came out. When those people stepped down on the gravel, the silver needles that had penetrated their boots pierced into the soles of their feet and the pain caused them to gasp. They were unable to withstand the pain coming from their feet and couldn’t stand firmly, so they fell down one after another.


As they fell, they tried to grasp any rock that they could to stabilize their bodies. However, the impact of them sliding down was too great, and finally, they lost their balance and rolled straight down the volcano.

“Boom boom boom…”

The heavy sounds of those people falling could be heard. Not only were the people below down below were shocked, even the people above were taken aback. Unexpectedly, those people who had dared take those three people on had rolled down the volcano first.

Upon seeing the fate of those people, everyone was wary of those three people and naturally didn’t dare to provoke them.

So Feng Jiu and her companions climbed up the volcano slowly while looking for Volcanic Flare Stones until they arrived halfway up the volcano and found a piece of protruding rock where they sat down for a rest.

“Although this mountain is big, there are so many people searching for it too. Can we really find the Immortal Grass?” Feng Jiu looked at the old man and asked. They had picked up a lot of Volcanic Flare Stones but they had yet to come across a single Dazzling Fire Grass plant. Moreover, they weren’t the only ones who were looking for it.

“Be quiet, they might not be looking for the Immortal Grass. Ordinary people don’t know about it.” The old man said in a low voice.

Feng Jiu rolled her eyes and said: “Do you think these people are stupid? They are in this place all year round, how can they not know the things you know?”

“It doesn’t matter even if they know about it. If they find it first, hehe, we can always snatch it from them.” The old man grinned, his smile harbouring ill intentions. He had always had this intention in his mind anyway.

Feng Jiu however, was surprised when she heard this. She glanced at him with a faint smile: “You are the sacred symbol of the Immortal Sect, you dare to snatch things from other people?”

“Hey! What’s wrong with that? It’s not like they’re good people anyway, and in this place, who doesn’t snatch things in order to survive?” Girl, let me tell you, you’re still inexperienced! In this world, you’ll become too rigid if you follow all the rules and regulations. One must learn to be flexible!”

The old man spoke slowly and glanced at those people, then he said: “Do you think that they won’t snatch it from us if we find the Immortal Grass first? Let me tell you, if the other party is an upright and good person, then we can’t do it because one must have principles, don’t you think? However, these people are obviously not good or upright people, if we don’t rob them, we will be robbed by them instead. Those people won’t talk to you about great truths and principles, to those people they will bully the weak and kind, and fear the strong and evil.”

A strange glint flashed across Feng Jiu’s eyes. She looked at the old man and said with a smile in rare appreciation: “You’re very much like me in this way.”

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