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Chapter 2068: Together

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“How is this possible?”

Feng Jiu’s voice raised slightly and she grinned at him: “Do you think I look like someone who robs people? This roasted wild boar was a gift, and they even gave us a jar of wine.”

Upon hearing this, the old man looked at her in disbelief: “A gift?” He refused to believe that there were such friendly people around.

“Yes, it’s a gift.” Feng Jiu said as she carried the roasted wild boar back into the cave dwelling and propped it up. She then took a knife out and sliced a small piece of meat off then gave it to the old man: “Come, try it, and yes, there is also wine.” She glanced at Zhuo Junyue.

Zhuo Junyue smiled and took the jar of wine out from space and set it aside. He heard the old man murmur.

“You’ve really got wine too? You two are really something! How did this happen? I’ve been travelling the world for years, why haven’t I had such good luck?” He took his wine gourd out from space and filled it up with wine and drank some: “Although it’s not as good as my wine, it is still quite a good spirit wine.”

Feng Jiu sliced a piece of meat and passed it to Zhuo Junyue while saying: “A wild boar this size will be enough to feed us for a few days. We can keep what we can’t finish and when we want to eat it, we can take it out and roast it again first.”

“Is this jar of wine for me?” Sage Hun Yuan asked cheerfully as he poured more wine into his wine gourd. His wine gourd was a magical artefact. It can hold up to ten jars of wine. He hadn’t bought wine for a long time or he wouldn’t have stopped drinking wine here.

“If you want it you can have it, it’s no big deal.” Feng Jiu said indifferently and she cut a piece of meat for herself to eat.

The three of them sat there eating meat and drinking wine. They rested the whole night before they went outside the next morning and continued their journey inside.

The journey was fairly calm other than the temperature getting hotter and hotter. It was the same whether it was day or night, and the further inside they ventured, the more hot air steamed up from the hot ground.

“We’re almost there, can you see it? It’s that volcano.” The old man wiped his sweat and pointed to a large volcano not far ahead in front of him: “The Dazzling Fire Grass should be halfway up the volcano. When we get halfway up the volcano we will look for it! There might even be Volcanic Flare Stones there and we don’t have to wait till the next volcano eruption.”

Feng Jiu raised her eyes and looked at the volcano that was steaming faintly. She couldn’t help but ask: “Isn’t it a bit dangerous for us to go up there? Although the magma is below the centre of the earth, what about the upper half of the volcano?”

“Don’t worry! It will be fine. Look, there are people halfway up the volcano.” The old man pointed to the man who was climbing up the hillside by the volcano.

Feng Jiu nodded upon seeing this: “Alright! Let’s go and take a look. But if there are any signs of danger we are leaving immediately.”

“Yes, alright, I don’t need you to remind me.”

The three of them walked towards the volcano. When they reached the foot of the volcano they only saw very small pieces of Volcanic Flare Stones and no larger pieces. However, as they approached, dozens of teams who stayed behind and stood guard at the foot of the volcano stared at them and seemed to be guessing their background.

“Are all three of us going up or is one of us staying behind?” Sage Hun Yuan looked at Feng Jiu and asked. If they were to leave one person behind, then that person would no doubt be Zhuo Junyue. He had to go up and so did Feng Jiu.

Feng Jiu glanced around and said: “Let’s go together!”

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