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Chapter 2056: Guan Xilin’s fierceness

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When the mercenary team’s leader saw the sixty to seventy people who came surrounding them, his face looked grim. “It’s the Death Mercenary Group!”

When they heard their leader’s words, the looks on all the mercenaries’ faces changed. They were members of a mercenary team, so they’ve heard about this Death Mercenary Group. From what they’d heard, this group’s members were evil mercenaries specializing in looting and robbing in the forest. In addition, they would also recruit other mercenaries to their mercenary group. If those people didn’t surrender, there was only one end for them: death!

What made their faces change was that the cultivation strength of these people was not weak. In particular, they possessed abundant combat strength. Almost none of the people who encountered the Death Mercenary Group had survived.

Looking at the sixty to seventy Dead Mercenary Group members uniformly dressed in dark brown suits surrounding them, the mercenary group’s leader stabilized his mood first and then shouted. “Get ready to fight!”

Although their Fierce Tigers Mercenary Group had only thirty to forty members, they were all men. It’s not that they had never tried fighting off more opponents before, but they hadn’t fought against the Death Mercenary Group.


One by one, the Fierce Tigers Mercenary Group flashed their weapons, ready to fight. They only had a moment of gravity when they first learned that their opponents were the Death Mercenary Group. But now, everyone held the weapon in their hand firmly, ready to fight any time!

Seeing the strong fighting spirit on these people, the Death Mercenary Group’s leader couldn’t help narrowing his eyes and staring at them. “What? Are you not afraid of death?”

“Hahaha! We haven’t even fought, who knows who will die or live?” The Fierce Tigers Mercenary Group’s leader raised his head and laughed valiantly. “We’ve never been afraid of anyone! Come if you want to fight!”

“Hehe, how ignorant.”

The Death Mercenary Group’s leader sneered and stared at those men. Seeing that those men were excellent mercenary seedlings, he immediately issued an invitation. “As long as you surrender to our Death Mercenary Group and become my mercenaries, not only will your life have no worries, your family can also live lavishly. How is it?”

The Fierce Tigers Mercenary Group turned grim when he heard this. “Save your breath. The mercenaries under my lead are not afraid of death!”

The Death Mercenary Group’s people were surprised that not a single one of those mercenaries were persuaded. There was also a trace of admiration in their hearts. Those people were truly men.

“Then do it! No more talking to them!”

At the command, sixty to seventy mercenaries rushed up and surrounded the thirty or forty mercenaries in the middle. For a time, they were engaged in a heated battle. The piercingly cold sword intents rang out in the forest. As soon as the battle’s sound started, the air currents in the area were also affected by the fight.

Although the number of the Fierce Tigers Mercenary Group was relatively small, they all knew that unless they risked their lives, only death awaited them. Therefore, they used all their strength in this battle without holding back.

Among the mercenaries, Guan Xilin also ruthlessly brandished his broadsword and cut down his opponents. His combat strength was astonishing. Everyone who came in a close range was either getting their heads chopped off or their arms cut off by him or were split into two by his blade.

Those of the Death Mercenary Group would consciously avoid him and attack the other members of the Fierce Tigers Mercenary Group instead…

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